Productivity and Morale Is Affected By An Unclean, Disorganised Office Space

Workers in cluttered, disorganised, unclean offices are up to 72% less productive according to a study carried out by a national cleaning company. carried out a survey of more than 1500 workers in 300 offices in the UK and found that the state of an individual’s office space had an effect on their productivity and enthusiasm for their job.

In offices where staff felt cleaning was not up to a sufficient standard:

  • 72% admitted to being less productive
  • 46% said they took longer lunch breaks and spent less time in the office
  • 25% confessed to taking sick leave as their surroundings actually made them feel depressed.

“Some bosses need to take a good, hard look at their places of work and ask themselves why their staff are so miserable.” said Mark Hall, a spokesperson.

“It’s clear – dirty and disorganised offices hit businesses where it hurts the most. Productivity slips, absenteeism soars and that has a negative effect of profits.”

Clean Offices Are Happy Offices

Where employees worked in an environment with regular cleaners, well looked after kitchen facilities, frequently serviced toilets and efficient organisation of their office space, the survey found higher levels of attendance and enhanced productivity.

  • 65% of employees working in such an atmosphere said they actually looked forward to coming to work in a clean, tidy office.
  • Nearly half- 49% felt they worked harder and more efficiently
  • Over a quarter – 26% said they took shorter breaks and even spent their lunch breaks at their desks.

Clean desk policies have been implemented in many offices in order to encourage better working practices.  One employee who took part in the survey explained: “We didn’t like it when they introduced a ‘clean desk’ policy, but it’s really made me enjoy my job so much more. In the past, my desk was piled high with paper – now I can see the people I work with!”

As Mark Hall explained: “Clean offices are happy offices. Managers ought to realise that cleaning staff are an investment, not a cost and effective cleaners bring a significant return.”

Sam Rose