Dyson Reinvent the Ballpoint Pen

Dyson Biro pen

50 prototypes were developed prior to the final Dyson Biro design

Having revolutionised the vacuum cleaner, James Dyson has turned this talents towards the humble office pen. Nearly 80 years after Laszlo Biro designed the ballpoint pen; Dyson has created the Dyson Biro, combining stylish good looks, precision engineering and functional product design.

The pen has already won a prestigious award in 2015, the Red Dot Award for office product design. In submitting their design the company stated: “When designing the Dyson Pen, the aim was to create a stylish and comfortable pen with an unadorned and practical design. Its mechanism is a simple push-down-and-up locking function, which is a straightforward solution that stands out due to its efficient usability”

The awards jury, made up from various international experts from the world of design agreed: “The Dyson Pen impresses with a design that is reduced to the most essential elements and goes hand in hand with an enhanced quality of materials.”

For a company renowned for thinking outside the box when it comes to creating smart and user friendly solutions to everyday objects, including the electric hand drier; a plastic barrelled ballpoint pen was never going to meet Dyson’s high standards towards design and engineering.

Pen Or Rocket Launcher?

dyson pen retractable nib

The retractable nib on the Dyson Biro

During a period covering a few months, James Dyson and his team of 20 engineers spend weeknights and weekends devising a replacement for the biro and after 50 prototypes the Dyson Biro was born. In recent years, ergonomic rubberised grips have become the norm amongst the top ballpoint pen brands in order to provide added comfort for the user. Dyson have moved away from this and instead have created a long, cylinder formed barrel made from elegant, brushed, stainless steel which is an extremely durable material and also very comfortable to hold. Whilst the standard biro pen is encased in a hexagonal barrel, to prevent it falling off desks, the clip on the end of the retractable Dyson Biro keeps more weight on one side to stop the pen from rolling around, despite its cylindrical shape.

This is a pen any office worker would want to keep close to hand and it is no surprise that much thought has gone into the design of the pen clip. It has a gap of an exact width so it can be clipped into a shirt or jacket pocket, or onto a pile of papers, regardless of whether it is extended or retracted. Even the Dyson logo on the clip has been laser engraved to add to the curves and smooth feel of this pen.

dyson pen

Stylish, sleek design synonymous with any Dyson product

If further proof was needed that Dyson has indeed reinvented the biro, the retractable nib is a feat of engineering in itself. Featuring an inner stainless steel tube encasing the replaceable ink cartridge it looks synonymous to a rocket launcher as it is extends to expose the nib.

So, Where Can I Buy One?

Well, unfortunately unless you work for Dyson or are one of their corporate partners, potential vendors or suppliers you won’t be able to get your hands on one of these design icons in the making. Here at the Office Supplies Blog, we’d be first in the queue if they do ever become available.

Sam Rose