Chocolate Boosts Productivity In The Workplace

To celebrate National Chocolate Week, here at the Office Supplies Blog we thought we would take a look at the scientific facts behind chocolate consumption in order to prove (or kid ourselves) that eating chocolate is actually good for us and enhances our productivity at work.

A study conducted by economists at Warwick University has found that happiness can boost workplace productivity by 12%. 700 students took part in the study and were selected to do one of the following:

  • Watch a comedy sketch
  • Eat chocolate
  • Eat fruit
  • Talk about a family tragedy

The students who had to speak of a family tragedy saw a reduction in their productivity and not surprisingly, reported a lower level of happiness. Those who watched the comedy sketch were more productive than those who had not, whilst the students provided with fruit or chocolate had a 20% higher productivity level than those who had not received any refreshments.

Northern Arizona University have taken this research one stage further by concentrating on the benefits of dark chocolate. They invited 122 people to take part in their research who were asked to eat a piece of dark chocolate (containing 60% cacao).  The dark chocolate was shown to enhance alertness and attentiveness; however, it also increased blood pressure. In another experiment they added an amino acid L-theanine, found in green tea to the dark chocolate which had the same effect on alertness yet lowered the blood pressure.

UK Chocoholics Spend Nearly £100 A Year On Chocolate

The UK are the second largest consumers of chocolate in Europe (Switzerland tops the list). According to Euromonitor we are expected to spend £96.94 per person on chocolate in 2015. Despite dark chocolate being lauded as the more healthy option, milk chocolate remains the most popular choice amongst British consumers.


Maltesers, the UK’s favourite chocolate treat

In a survey conducted earlier this year the top 10 favourite chocolate treats in the UK were:

  1. Maltesers
  2. Minstrels
  3. Wispa
  4. Green & Black’s organic milk chocolate bar
  5. Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter
  6. Cadbury Mini Eggs
  7. Cadbury Dairy Milk
  8. Cadbury Double Decker
  9. Curly Wurly
  10. Milky Way Magic Stars

How Many Chocolate Sins Are You Guilty Of?

In a survey carried out on behalf of the British Heart Foundation in 2015, the lengths at which UK chocoholics will go to disguise their chocolate eating habits were revealed. Do any of these ring a bell?

  1. 40% of us lie about how much chocolate we eat
  2. The average person eats 3 chocolate bars a week
  3. 25% of us hide our secret chocolate stash in our office drawer
  4. A third of workers eat chocolate on the commute to or from work to hide their consumption from their spouses and family
  5. 13% eat chocolate in secret, behind the fridge, under the bed covers, when their partner leaves the room

Sam Rose