Fountain Pen Resurgence

Today, Friday 6th November, is Fountain Pen Day and here at the Office Supplies Blog we couldn’t let this day go unnoticed.  Whilst traditional office products are in decline, the rise in luxury and fashion stationery products appears to have given the fountain pen a new lease of life.

Gordon Scott, vice-president for office products at Parker Pens in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, said

“The relationship we have with a fountain pen is changing from it being a working tool towards more of an accessory.”

Why Fountain Pens Remain So Popular

  • The smooth writing experience.
  • They are more eco-friendly. In the US 1.6 billion disposable plastic pens are thrown away each year. A fountain pen can last for years and years.
  • They remain the original ergonomic writing instrument. With a contoured grip section and a weightier feel in the hand, fountain pens provide you with a more comfortable writing experience.
  • Using a fountain pen slows us down. Remember when you first learnt to write with a fountain pen? In a fast paced world, having the opportunity to take a little more time over what you are doing is always welcome.

How to Care for Your Fountain Pen

  • Use your fountain pen regularly and avoid leaving it to sit around full of ink for extended periods of time. If you do need to store your pen, flush it under a tap and leave it empty of ink until you need to use it again.
  • Dust, dried ink and fibres can all build up in the nib and feed and so fountain pens need to be cleaned every 4 to 8 weeks even if you think they are still writing effectively.
  • Keep your fountain pen away from damp or sunlight.
  • Never store a fountain pen with the nib down.

Top 10 Fountain Pens

Whether you are looking to use a fountain pen in your everyday work or are looking for a long time investment, here are 10 to add to your wish list.

Montblanc MeisterstückMontblanc Meisterstück: Handcrafted in Hamburg, the design was last changed in the 1950s.

Parker Duofold: In production since 1921, the vintage Parker 51 is a favourite amongst collectorsParker Duofold

Hermès NautliusHermès Nautlius: A trilogy of design expertise combining French fashion powerhouse Hermès, Japanese stationery manufacturer Pilot and product designer Marc Newson.

Lamy 2000

Lamy 2000: Originally designed in 1966 for the “Space Age” year of 2000, this pen remains popular today.

5. S.T Dupont Limited Edition ElyseeS.T Dupont Limited Edition Elysee: Limited edition fountain pens from prestigious brands are highly collectible.

Pilot CaplessPilot Capless: A retractable fountain pen with a simple push button that withdraws the nib into the barrel, creating an airtight seal to prevent it drying out.

Montegrappa Extra 1930Montegrappa Extra 1930: The Italian company uses celluloid, a natural material that creates a unique pattern on every pen. Bamboo Black is one of the latest editions to the Extra 1930 collection.

Pelikan Toledo 700Pelikan Toledo 700: Every Toledo fountain pen is manufactured in Germany with the engravings of the pelikan motif being painstakingly carved by hand.

Cross Classic II CenturyCross Classic Century: AT Cross have been making fine fountain pens for nearly 170 years. The Classic Century is one of their most loved ranges.

Sheaffer SagarisSheaffer Sagaris: Walt Disney was a fan of Sheaffer pens and was often photographed, pen in hand. Whilst Disney used a Sheaffer Balance which is no longer in production, the Sagaris bears a good resemblance.

Sam Rose