GBC and Nobo Given Fresh New Rebrand By ACCO

New logos for GBC and Nobo

GBC and Nobo get a new look from owner Acco Brands

GBC and Nobo, the popular office product brands have been given a new lease of life by their owner ACCO Brands. The rebranding brings both brands into line with Rexel, another of ACCO’s brands, for a sleek and stylish look. Both brands will also have the Rexanne watermark integrated into logos and packaging to bring a consistent feel to the brands.

Whilst this move brings uniformity, Acco Brands stress that the differences between the product ranges is still imperative and this can be seen in the strap lines and messages being attached to the brands individually. Nobo is renowned for its products’ adaptability will be marketed with the strapline; “Think. Share. Inspire”.  Meanwhile, GBC which has been part of the ACCO Brands since 2005, will now have a new strap line “Working for you” to compliment its commitment to customer productivity.

New look for Nobo

Nobo’s new strapline “Think. Share. Inspire”

 “We want the consumer to have a broad choice but still represent those cross-brand relationships,” said Andrea Dale, the Communications Manager for ACCO Brands Europe.

“We really wanted to capture everything that these brands stand for; their history, the people who work for the brands, the consumers that are loyal to the brand. The people are really at the heart of this refresh.”

“With GBC, it was important that we represent our consistency and professionalism. A GBC product will get the task right the first time. Nobo needed a refresh to show our simplicity and versatility whilst fostering the spirit of collaboration.”

New REXEL Rewards Scheme Launched Online

In addition to this rebranding exercise, ACCO Brands is also enhancing the customer experience by offering greater support and choice via its online platforms. REXEL Rewards was launched in October 2015 whereby for every £10 spent on participating products, consumers will receive 1 REXEL Reward point. Over 500 products are included in the scheme, from shredders, desktop accessories to staplers and hole punches. The REXE™ points can be cashed in for spa days, cinema tickets, meals, personal shopper days and charity donations.

Rexel Rewards scheme

Rexel Rewards offers customers spa days, , cinema tickets, personal shopper days and charity donations.

Chris Gaskell, Senior Director of Channel and Brand Marketing at ACCO Brands Europe, said: “The REXEL Rewards scheme is a great way for us to thank our customers for their loyalty as well as encouraging purchases from the complete Rexel product portfolio.”

REXEL sales representatives and dealers are being offered incentives to persuade consumers to sign up for the scheme. For every 10 registrations they arrange, they will receive a £10 voucher valid at a number of high street stores including Marks and Spencer, Costa Coffee and Pizza Express.

To register for the REXEL Rewards scheme, register online at

Sam Rose