How Maped Helix Is Helping Independent Retailers Improve Footfall and Sales

Maped Helix stationery products

The Maped Helix Premier Partners scheme helps independent retailers. It includes POS materials, promotions and Back To School sales incentives.

Maped Helix has launched a service to help independent retailers improve footfall and sales. The Premier Partners’ scheme will include POS materials, promotions and Back To School sales incentives. Famed for its classroom stationery products, including the iconic Helix Oxford Maths Set, the company is excited about this new venture.

Helix maths set

The Helix Maths Set has graced the desks of British classrooms for over 125 years. Over 150 million pencil tins have been sold since 1884.

Director of UK sales at Maped Helix, Jay Guest said:

“We have worked hard at creating a retail proposition that will genuinely resonate and excite independent stationery retailers and we think we have achieved this.

“The ultimate aim of the scheme is to drive footfall to each retailer by way of sampling, advertising and promotional activity. We are confident of making a really positive impression with a number of retailers, with a wide array of incentives to make the most of.”

What Benefits Does The Maped Helix Premier Partners’ Scheme Offer?

Competition is fierce in the office supplies market. Independent retailers are struggling to compete with the large corporations, including Amazon, which dominate the marketplace. The Premier Partners’ scheme aims to provide these smaller businesses with a USP to attract new and repeat business.

Maped Helix range

With cutbacks in classroom budgets, pupils are often expected to bring in their own stationery supplies. Better quality is in demand as parents look to buy products built to last.

One of the main advantages of the scheme is the opportunity to fix Back to School discount levels, a key sales point in the retail calendar. Other benefits include:

  • The ability to purchase new products ahead of competitors
  • Full marketing support from Maped Helix
  • Eye catching point of sale materials

A select group of Premier Partners will also be invited to visit Maped Helix’s marketing and production sites at its head office in Annecy, France.

Encouraging Feedback from Retailers

The first three retailers to join the scheme include Marple Stationery Supplies and Suttles of Malden. Feedback so far has been “hugely uplifting” according to Guest.

Sarah Laker from Marple Stationery Supplies said;

“My customers love the high quality of Maped and Helix products and come back time and time again to purchase their products.  I’m really excited about working with them further and I look forward to the challenge of promoting their brand further afield.”

Maped Helix is sponsoring National Stationery Week which will be taking place from April 25 to May 1 2016. For more details about this year’s event click here.

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