Why Handwriting Matters in the Digital Age

As National Stationery Week draws to a close, the importance of handwriting has been highlighted by the associated “Writing Matters” campaign. The digital age has made communication so easy and yet we still appreciate the time and effort associated with a hand written letter or thank you card.

All forms of marketing, particularly social media are becoming more personalised, the “old fashioned” methods of communication are ready for a comeback.  A hand written wedding invitation on high quality paper is more favourable and treasured than sending an email or event request on Facebook.

Postsnap, the photo card app company conducted a survey in 2015 on the dying art of writing thank you cards.  They found one in ten of us would prefer to receive a thank you card or letter when we send a gift, rather than giving thanks via a text or via a message on facebook.

However, digital correspondence is showing no signs of slowing down. The average businessperson will receive a staggering 90 emails per day. Marketers have been sending 12% more emails years by year since 2012. This increase does not appear to take into account the fact that “click to open” rates have halved since 2007.

Combining Handwriting with Digital, the Perfect Combination

Inkpact hand written marketing

Using fountain pens and sealing wax, Inkpact leave a lasting impression with their clients.

The main advantage of digital communications when compared with hand written correspondence is the speed of application. British startup business Inkpact has come up with an interesting solution. They have recruited stay at home parents as a writing resource pool to create handwritten letters on behalf of businesses.

Clients sign three, six or 12-month contracts and pay the first month in advance. The writers receive payment once they have finished each letter. Using fountain pens and sealing wax, Inkpact leave a lasting impression with their clients.

“When I phoned recipients after one campaign, all of them had read the letter and many of them had kept it sitting on their desks in front of them,” said Inkpact founder and CEO Charlotte Pearce.

Pearce is confident that this handwritten approach guarantees a 100% open rate, something digital marketers can only dream about.

“When have you ever received a handwritten letter and not opened it?” she says.

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