Amazon Business 50% Increase in Users

Amazon Business 50% increase in users

Amazon Business 50% Increase. The number of businesses using Amazon Business has increased to 300,000 since the beginning of 2016.

Amazon has reported that the number of businesses using Amazon Business has increased by 50% since the beginning of 2016. It is now selling $1 billion a year in office supplies and other related products. Amazon Vice President, Prentis Wilson said:

“We are continuing to grow at a rate of 20 percent month-on-month, and that highlights … how strong the need is in this segment.”

He stated that more than 30,000 sellers and over 300,000 businesses have been added to Amazon Business in the past year. Thousands of customers are continuing to join every week. According to Wilson, the current Amazon Business customer base ranges from “small corner shops to large universities and companies with thousands of users.”

“We have paediatricians who buy toys for the lobby, businesses that buy artwork for the wall,” he added. “Insurance companies will buy random items when customers have claims.”

In the US, Amazon Business offers exclusive pricing and discounts for buying in bulk. In addition to this, it provides free delivery for orders over $49, tax exemption, invoice billing and the option to have products delivered with an Amazon guarantee.

Total sales have increased by 28% to $29.1 billion. North American electronics and general merchandise (EGM) sales that include office products are up by 31% from Q1 in 2015 to $7.03 billion.

Amazon Business 50% Increase Shows Real Competition Over Staples/Office Depot

These latest figures from Amazon Business show the impact the company has had on the office supplies market. Instead of becoming a primary office supplier to businesses, Wilson believes that Amazon will give businesses a familiar buying experience that they are used to using when shopping online at home.

In addition to traditional office supplies, Amazon Business is also entering other markets including medical supplies, laboratory equipment and life sciences materials.

Now that the Staples/Office Depot merger has been blocked, covered in our article Staples Merger Blocked by Federal Judge it will be interesting to see how the office supplies market moves forward.

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