Moleskine Cafe: A New Outlet for the Luxury Brand

Moleskine Cafe

The first Moleskine Cafe has opened its doors in Milan, Italy. The cafe includes a gallery and retail space selling Moleskine notebooks

The first Moleskine Cafe has opened its doors in Milan, Italy. It combines Italian style, delicious coffee, a gallery and retail space to sell their much sought after Moleskine notebooks. This new cafe follows on from the company’s first venture into this market in December 2015 when a Moleskine branded cafe opened at Geneva airport in partnership with Caviar House Airport Premium.

This new cafe is founded on the Parisian “cafe littéraire” or literary cafe concept. Moleskine prides itself in its rich history with its original notebooks favoured by artistic and literary greats including Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway.

“The founders’ vision from the beginning was to leverage the incredible story behind Moleskine,” Moleskine’s CEO Arrigo Berni said of the new venture. “Being associated with great artists and thinkers identifies the brand with a certain lifestyle and values: culture, memory, and exploration. These are the values we have been emphasizing more and more in our activities.”

Moleskine Cafe Replicates their Famed Notebooks’ Style

Moleskine cafe colour scheme

The stylish colour scheme of the new Moleskine Cafe replicates the famous Moleskine notebook design

Brand consultancy Interbrand developed the design for the new cafe with a ground floor created to encourage conversation whilst the mezzanine level is a quieter, more reflective space for work, reading and relaxing.

Manfredi Ricca, chief strategy officer at Interbrand EMEA said: “Think about the product that made Moleskine known to the world in the first place – the notebook, its ultimate aim is to provide a blank bi-dimensional space which encourages people’s ideas and identity to find an expression.”

Within the Milan Moleskine cafe, spaces have been created for studying, eating, drinking, exhibiting, displaying and selling products. The interior design mirrors its famous notebooks with a combination of neutral tones and bold, black food service area.

a quiet working space at Moleskine cafe

A quiet space for working is one of the features at the new Moleskine cafe

“The cafe is a way for us to provide a physical experience of the intangible dimension of the lifestyle brand we’ve been defining,” Berni said.

“The main challenge in building Moleskine is keeping the right balance between protecting the brand values and growing.”

Moleskine states it is planning to open more cafes globally in the future. Whilst the demand for smart cafe spaces in metropolitan areas is high, Moleskine is not yet ready to confirm where it will open more cafes.

Berni explained; “We’re focused on making this work. I don’t want to jinx it.”

Photos ©Michele Morosi

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