Superstat Launches 2017 Marketing Programme

Superstat Marketing Programme

The Superstat Group has published its Marketing Programme for 2017. It follows the recent launch of INsight, its new CRM and automated marketing service

The Superstat Group has published its Marketing Programme for 2017. The publication follows on from the recent launch of INsight, the Group’s new CRM and automated marketing service.  Insight is a cloud based system that gives dealers, sales managers and sales staff a full view of every customer and prospect to identify the priorities for each account. Information can be viewed in a easy to view dashboard layout on tablets and smartphones.

Head of Consumer Design and Production Mairi Beaton explains:

INsight enables us to analyse customer’s purchasing habits and tailor marketing to suit their individual needs. So a customer who has not spent in the last month will receive a quite different set of automated marketing than a customer that perhaps orders more regularly but has a low GP”.

Superstat Marketing Programme Provides Content for Customers to Engage With

The Superstat Marketing Programme 2017 will compliment INsight by providing content for customers to engage with.

“In order to get this right we have started a yearlong programme of gathering feedback from users of the mailers/catalogues, which is already starting to shape the marketing material we produce,” Beaton said.

A new social media support pack is also part of the new programme to support the quarterly Office Life mailer.

“Office Life comes out quarterly, and it is packed with content and seasonal product, but once it’s been read, that’s it until the next quarter! To help keep the conversation going between issues, we’ve created a social media pack that includes images from the mailer to share, links to supporting articles, promotional artwork from the mailer to use on social media and a ‘Have you got yours yet?” email signature. Feedback so far has been really positive, so we are going to build on it throughout the year”.

You can view the Superstat Marketing Programme for 2017 here.

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