Advantia Introduce Catalogue Changes for 2017

Advantia, the UK office products dealer group is making major changes to its 2017 business supplies catalogue. The group has undertaken a review of the purpose aims and objectives of the catalogue to ensure it continues to meets the expectations of the business buyer.

As a result of this review, Advantia has taken full control of their 2017 catalogue. Consequently this ensures that the product content is in the best interests of Advantia members’ profitability.

“Bringing the production of our catalogue back in-house is just one aspect of our wider strategy which incorporates us managing our own data and the launch of our MERLIN Marketplace E-commerce platform,” explained Rebecca Miller, Operations Director at Advantia.

This change enables Advantia to deliver strong marketing messages. One of the main messages is to direct buyers to the products available via their e-commerce websites and Advantia’s MERLIN Marketplace e-commerce platform.

New Look for Advantia 2017 Catalogue

The design of the 2017 catalogue has been overhauled. It includes a simplified matrix pricing system and product information. Therefore, customers can buy off the page or go to an extended range available online. Exclusive Banner branded products are available through the catalogue in addition with products exclusive to EVO.

Advantia has made these changes in order to meet the new demands of buyer behaviour. So, all products, with just a few exceptions, are available with the option of next working day delivery. The catalogue highlights best selling products to help buyers with their purchasing decisions. Also, any products which are environmentally friendly include full details within individual descriptions.

“Because we now manage our own data, we are spending a lot of time and effort to enhance the data supplied by EVO and suppliers,” Miller said.

“The transition from traditional catalogues to e-commerce as a dealer’s main selling tool is starting to happen, and we intend for Advantia members to stay ahead of this curve,”

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