Keeping Data Safe for the Mobile Worker

It is estimated that every day in the UK over 1.5 million of us work from home. The Government has recently provided employees with the right to request flexible working. Therefore, the trend of the mobile worker will rise in the coming years.

With this increase in mobile working comes an increase in threats to data security. Iron Mountain, an information management services company, recently conducted research on the information management and security risks organisations face. According to their research:

  • Less than a fifth of workers based in Europe are aware of what information they can remove from their office.
  • Half of workers use personal email accounts to access work related information.

Their research also highlights that many employees are not receiving guidance on how to look after company information when they are away from the workplace.

Data Threats to the Mobile Worker

In 2015 we spoke of the increasing problem of “shoulder surfing” in our article Fellowes Bring Privacy Solution to Shoulder Surfing. Consequently, around 55% of business professionals work on their laptop in public spaces at least one hour per week. This is constantly putting confidential data at risk. Laptop and screens are exposed to the public at large when we are in train stations, coffee shops and airport lounges.

According to Fellowes’ research:

  • 66% of all workers expose sensitive information outside the workplace.
  • 71% of UK professional read other people’s work over their shoulder.

The data at risk does not just include confidential company data but can also include customer details, including addresses and back details. Smart phones are becoming more sophisticated, particularly with the high specifications of their camera functionality. Hence, it is very easy for date thieves to capture information from your screen.

Stop Prying Eyes with Fellowes PrivaScreen™ and VisiScreen™

Fellowes PrivaScreen

The Fellowes PrivaScreen™ range has been developed to address data security and prevent the issue of “prying eyes”.

Fellowes, specialists in office equipment, provide a wide range of products to meet the demands of the modern office professional. The Fellowes PrivaScreen™ range has been developed to address data security and prevent the issue of “prying eyes”. It is the ideal choice for today’s mobile worker.

The PrivaScreen™ features:

  • A clear front view for the user, with a total blackout when an attempt to side view at a 30-degree angle is made.
  • Adhesive strips allow the user to easily attach and detach the screen to and from their device.
  • Protects against scratches and fingerprints.
  • Is 100% recyclable.

In addition, Fellowes also has the VisiScreen™ range to protect tablet and smartphone screens.

The Visicreen™ screen protectors are:

  • Touchscreen and stylus compatible.
  • Designed to maintain screen protection and clarity.
  • Designed for bubble free application.

You can find the Fellowes Privacy Filters range and a wide range of other Fellowes products at the Post Office Shop.

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