Choosing the Right Paper Shredder for your Business

Maintaining data security is essential for any business. With an array of manual and auto-feed shredders available on the market, which is the right paper shredder for you?

In the final article in our series looking at the importance of paper shredding, the Office Supplies Blog in association with Rexel looks at what you need to consider when choosing a paper shredder for your business.

Paper Shredder Size

Rexel Shredder selection

The Rexel paper shredder range

In our first article in the series Preventing Identity Fraud, we discussed how compliance with the law dictates what you can and cannot destroy.

It is not necessarily the case that the bigger the organisation, the bigger the shredder. More importantly, you must consider how many people need to use the shredder and how much they will be shredding?

Depending on your business you may also have to consider the size of paper you will be shredding. Is it just A4 sized sheets or, do you also need to dispose of larger documents such as A3 or listing paper? If this is the case, you will need a wide entry shredder.

Security Level

Compliance with legislation impacts on the paper shredder security level an organisation requires. These security levels are measured by the “P scale”. This scale relates to the cut the shredder provides.

P-2 is the most basic, low security strip cut (approximately 35 pieces).  P-7 provides the highest “Top Secret” security with a super-fine micro cut (approximately 12,500 pieces).

If you are only going to be shredding documents without any sensitive information a P-2 shredder will suffice.

P-3 and P-4 cross cut paper shredders are an ideal choice for home use or businesses requiring confidential security.

P-5, P-6 and P-7 micro cut shredders are designed for legal, financial, government and other high security organisations.

Tech Shredding

In addition to shredding paper you may also need to shred other items. Think about whether you need a shredder that will shred:

  • Staples
  • Paper clips
  • Credit/debit cards
  • CD/DVDs

Manual or Auto-Feed Shredder?

Concerns about data security are a priority in any organisation. Paper based security breaches remain a problem even in an increasingly digital world. Yet, traditional, manual shredders can be seen as time consuming and a burden on employee productivity levels.

Auto feed shredders can save up to 98% of time businesses spend shredding. They allow users to stack up the documents to be shredded, shut the lid, start the shredder and then go back to their desk to continue with their work. Or, to put it more succinctly: Stack, Shut, Done.

Our previous article Auto Feed Shredders Change the Way Businesses Shred looked in depth at this new type of shredder. In 2011, auto-feed shredders counted for 4% of B2B channel sales. This has now risen to 20% in 2015 in the UK, Germany and France.

Rexel Auto-Feed Shredder Promotions

Auto feed cashback

For shredder dealers, Rexel currently has a great incentive for customers to take advantage of. The Cashback of Auto Feed Shredders promotion is running from September to December 2016.

  • Up to £65/ €85 Cashback – Purchase an Auto Feed Shredder and get up to £65/ €85 cashback. Money will be received into a customer’s account within five working days.

For more details regarding the Auto Feed promotions, download a dealer pack at cashback.officerewards.eu

ACCO Brands also has developed an extensive range of Auto-Feed resources on their partner website.

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