Paper Post Still Dominates UK Business

Paper post remains the main way UK businesses communicate with their customers. Despite the rise of digital technology, a quarter of businesses deal with over 5,000 items of incoming mail per month.

A survey by business management consultants EDM Group, finds only 1 in 5 companies operate a fully automated digitalised mailroom. Even where a digital process is in place only 3% of companies use it in all their business locations.

Interesting points the survey raises include:

  • 23% receive over 5,000 items of mail per month
  • 23% receive 2,000 to 5,000 items of mail per month
  • 35% receive less than 2,00 items of mail per month
  • 55% of senior members of staff believe the “paperless office” is an unlikely possibility
  • 25% of businesses currently run a paperless office initiative.

Paperless Pipedream?

Dealing with paper post is time consuming and open to misplacement and loss. Yet, it remains a prominent process in our daily working lives. It would appear the switch to a digital alternative is not a priority for many businesses.

However, moving from paper post to digitalisation offers excellent benefits. It enables businesses to digitalise incoming post on receipt. In addition, it can improve data and information management to drive efficiencies and productivity.

Speaking about the survey, Spencer Wyer, Group CTO at EDM Group says:

 “The death of physical mail has been much discussed over many years. The nirvana of a truly paperless office is unlikely to arrive in the near future because so many customer communications still need to be exchanged in paper form for legal or other regulatory reasons.”

The survey also reveals that 20% of companies have discussed implementing a paperless system but have decided not to go ahead.

“In our view organisations can achieve enormous cost-savings and business process improvements by digitising their inbound mail operations with a digital mailroom, eliminating paper at source and incorporating it into a single, smart platform that can automate routing and decision-making using robotics and artificial intelligence. Paper may never truly disappear, but using the right technologies it can be easily absorbed into digitised processes alongside email, web forms and other communications formats – enabling organisations to reduce the risk of non-compliance through lost or misplaced documents.”

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