How Do You Organise Your Day: Notepad or Smartphone?

Notepad or smartphone? How do you organise your day? It seems like there is an app for virtually everything we need to plan our lives. So, why do so many of us still prefer the humble pen and paper?

Just because you use pen and paper does not make you a luddite. In fact, it appears that some of the most digitally savvy amongst us prefer to write things down as opposed to setting reminders and goals on a smartphone app.

When you look at social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest you are inundated by pictures of bullet journals, doodles and planners. All beautifully presented in high quality notebooks using an array of coloured pens and pencils.

The success of companies such as Italian luxury brand Moleskine and UK based Pukka Pads underlines this trend. Our recent article Are You Motivated by Stationery looks at how more of us are turning to paper to set our personal and business goals.

Pen and Paper Don’t Need Recharging

It is often said many of us can write quicker than we can type. Therefore, using a pen and paper is more efficient and simpler. In addition, it provides a more creative and spontaneous way for us to record our thoughts and ideas.

A picture paints a thousand words. For those of us familiar with mind mapping, a mixture of symbols and doodles are an excellent way to keep and retain information. Also, a pen and paper will never let you down by running out of battery life just when you need it.

Organise Your Day More Creatively

You don’t just need to stick to pen and paper to organise your day. In the office and classroom, whiteboards are indispensable for creative thinking and planning. Our recent article Nobo: Let’s Be Clear About Whiteboards explained the importance of selecting the right whiteboard for your needs.

Research shows combining traditional products such as notepads and whiteboards with digital technology brings the best results. Up to 80% of hi-tech companies involved with creating digital hardware and software still rely on whiteboards to stimulate creativity and collaborative working.

How do you prefer to organise your day? Do you combine the traditional with the digital? Share your thoughts with the Office Supplies Blog, or visit our Twitter or Linked In Group.

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