Do You Get Distracted When You Work from Home?

People who work from home lose up to 5 working hours a week due to distractions. A survey by finds 9 out of 10 get distracted by food, video games and Facebook.

Around 4.2 million UK workers now work remotely. Women are more likely to work from home every day, whilst men do so at least once a month.

Printerland surveyed 2,000 people who work from home. A quarter of workers surveyed state they work from home as it provides more flexibility. In particular, 20% worked from home in order to manage childcare issues. Two thirds say they work from home to reduce commuting time and travel.

However, 40% of those surveyed state they did not feel as productive working from home when compared to being in a traditional office environment.

Work from Home Confessions

The survey throws out some eye opening confessions from home workers. For example:

  • 32% of workers aged over 55, work with the TV on in the background.
  • 35% admit they do not even change out of their nightwear when working from home.
  • 29% confess to working from their bed.
  • 54% of workers aged 18-24 do not leave their bedroom all day.

Top 4 Distractions When Working from Home

Eating, watching TV, internet browsing and playing video games are the top four distractions when working from home. In addition, one in ten of those surveyed state they even take time out of their working day to visit family and friends.

Roger Turner, MD at Printerland says:

“Working at home gives people much more flexibility with hours, considering issues with childcare.

But employees have to give something back for being allowed to work at home…

“It can be difficult for an individual to motivate themselves when working in a relaxed environment, and interaction with other people can be a driving factor behind their motivation and promotes an increase in productivity.”

For full details of the survey’s findings, visit the article here.

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