Never Lose Your Pen Again

trackable pen

Cross Pens, the oldest US manufacturer of fine writing instruments has launched the world’s first trackable pen. So, losing your pen will soon be a thing of the past.

The Cross Peerless TrackR Ballpoint Pen combines Bluetooth and Crowd Locate technology so you never have to worry out losing or misplacing your pen. Based on the Cross Peerless range of writing instruments, it uses the TrackR smartphone app to keep an eye on your pen’s whereabouts.

Trackable Pen with TrackR Technology

TrackR combines app software, cloud databases and wireless devices in order for app users to locate a variety of lost items.

This Cross Peerless TrackR pen connects to the TrackR app via Bluetooth at a distance up to 30.5 metres (100 feet). When the Bluetooth connection is disconnected from a paired smartphone, TrackR’s Crowd Locate functionality automatically starts to search for the pen. If a TrackR app user walks by your pen whilst running the app, you will receive a confidential update with the pen’s last known location.

Therefore, for people constantly on the move they can be reassured that if they do leave their treasured Cross pen on a meeting room desk or on a train, it will be located.

Nicola Shepherd, Marketing Director, EMEA at A.T Cross says:

We know that a barrier to purchase a beautiful pen is the fear of losing it. Pens often assume sentimental value and are highly valued. Not only this, but they are a highly personal and important style accessory. With this in mind, we think that the Peerless TrackR will be one of our most successful products, as it clearly addresses a consumer need and will resonate with a great number of people.”

Not only can users keep track of their pen, they can also locate their phone in the event it is misplaced. By pressing a button on the cap, the pen alerts you where your phone is even if it is in silent mode.

Peerless Lives Up to Its Name

This latest addition the Cross Pen range confirms the company’s reputation for introducing ground breaking products. It is over 125 years since the company launched its first fountain pen. Also named Peerless, because it had no peers to match it, this pen soon became an American classic and remains part of the Cross collection today.

This new pen, combining Cross craftsmanship with the latest technology ensures the company remains at the height of innovation in the writing instruments market.

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