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Businesses are stepping up their recruitment and staff satisfaction levels by offering candidates and existing staff non-essential office furniture such as table football, ping pong tables and hammocks. But is it working?

When looking over the findings made by storage and removals firm Kiwi Movers, it would appear not. Over a quarter of staff find these new additions to be unnecessary and annoying and just 14% say that they would welcome them/enjoy them in the workplace. So what are the most important features of a modern office environment to employees according to this study?

Popular Modern Office Perks

The overall rankings for the most popular perks that a modern business can provide all have a common theme – they provide an immediate and direct benefit to employees.

  • The highest ranking office perk was free coffee with 77%
  • The second highest was a drinks fridge with 41%
  • Following on, the third highest was a free breakfast with 34%
  • An on-site gym gained 22%
  • Break-out spaces received 19%
  • Chill-out areas and relaxing furniture received 11%
  • Finally, office ‘toys’ such as table football, ping pong and arcade games received the lowest vote with just 4%

What Does This Survey Show?

If you look into these results, they show that many of the most important features in a modern office relate to providing comfort rather than a fun or enjoyable experience. The high value of facilities such as free coffee, drinks fridges and a free breakfast should show businesses that gimmicky inclusions may actually be causing more harm than good when attempting to recruit new talent and appease current employees.

Unsurprisingly, 79% of those surveyed also claimed that they would find more importance in reliable and modern technology being used in their workplace. If anything, this should be one of the most vital features that employers should perhaps focus on in order to keep staff satisfied.

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