UK Businesses Workers Health Fail

UK businesses are not meeting the health needs of their staff. Whilst employees are aware of the dangers of sitting down all day, management are not taking the time and effort to address the issues.

In the latest Active Working Sitting Survey 2017, 90% of employees feel they need to be more active in the workplace.

Other findings of the survey include:

  • 75% employees want clear leadership regarding active working solutions, such as sit/stand desks.
  • 60% state they spend over 6 hours a day sat at their desk.
  • 73% only leave their desk for tea or toilet breaks.
  • 28% of companies say they are “very aware” of the health risks prolonged sitting brings
  • 22% of companies were “somewhat aware but not that bothered”.

Gavin Bradley, Founding Director of Active Working says:

 “Employees across the country need to start asking for more activity in the workplace. No employee

should be expected to sit for excessive or prolonged periods, like battery hens.”

You can read the full On Your Feet Britain Report here.

Top Tips to Keep Active in the Workplace

Long periods of inactivity during the working day is linked to many debilitating and potentially life threatening health conditions. These include obesity, high blood pressure and mental health issues.

For those of us who do spend more than four hours a day sat at our desks, these risks increase.

Therefore, Active Working has produced a list of top tips to keep you moving during the working day and beyond.

  • Stand up when you are taking a phone call
  • Stand and take a break from your computer every 30 minutes
  • Use the stairs not the lift
  • Don’t email or phone a colleague, instead take a walk to their desk and talk face to face where possible
  • Take your lunch away from your desk.

For more solutions on how to encourage more activity in the workplace, visit the Active Working website, here.

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