VOW Launches Exclusive Brands

Leading UK and Ireland office supplies wholesaler VOW has announced the launch of a range of exclusive brands. The nine new brands are available to resellers looking to gain a competitive edge.

Following on from the launch earlier this year of the VOW product conveyor, reported on in our article  VOW Product Conveyor Pushes Forward, the wholesaler is continuing to add value for its resellers.

The nine new exclusive brands are:

  • MyCafé: Catering essentials including tea, coffee, water, sugar, cups and stirrers.
  • 2Work: A professional range of cleaning supplies for the busy workplace. Also includes downloadable safety sheet data.
  • Reviva: Technology essentials including mobile phones, tablet and smartphone accessories and chargers.
  • Contour Ergonomics: Affordable ergonomic solutions including sit/stand desks, footrests, back supports and mouse mats.
  • GoSecure: Secure, multi-purpose mailing and packaging solutions.
  • StoreStack: Super, strong, stackable storage solutions.
  • Prestige: Till and machine rolls.
  • Ergo-brite: Drywipe markers and highlighters.
  • Graffico: Notebooks.

More Margin and Profitability

Helen Wade, the Product Marketing Manager says:

“As these brands are exclusively available from VOW, they have been competitively priced so our resellers have the opportunity to make more margin and increase profitability. Given the high quality of the range within each of the brands, these products aren’t sub-standard, cost-effective alternatives of popular products, but in fact they are brands within their own right. They have been specifically developed to meet resellers’ needs in growing categories.”

“With this is mind we will have a full Reseller and End User marketing calendar including sampling campaigns, blogger engagement and targeted marketing to drive brand advocacy and awareness. We have also invested in product experts, dedicated marketing resource and marketing materials for each of these brands to fully support our resellers, details of these will be issued over the next couple of months. Additionally, we will be sharing ‘how to sell’ guides to ensure our resellers are completely informed about product features and benefits so they can sell to their customers more effectively. Each of these brands will also have its own dedicated website which will be live by the end of June and social media channels will follow to communicate in different ways to our customers. We will also shortly be launching details of our Authorised Reseller Programme to support the brand growth.”

All products are also supported by detailed marketing support available through VOW’s MyMarketing site. Product information can be accessed via the OPDealer site. For more information, VOW resellers can contact their Account Manager or email Product.Marketing@voweurope.com.

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