Avery Look to the Consumer Market

Avery UK

As part of their new consumer approach, Avery UK has launched a brand new website featuring their latest products and services all grouped into one place.

Featuring a colourful new aesthetic and a fresh new layout, the Avery website looks to offer an easier browsing experience for consumers to explore everything under the Avery brand banner. Avery’s WePrint service has been added into the new website and several tweaks have been made to the interactive elements on each page to ensure it offers users a comprehensive experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Expanding the Avery Brand

Many organizational changes have been made to the website design including new product groupings and a specialized section which provides consumers with many imaginative and inspiring hints and tips related to the workplace and working in a home office. In addition to this, many of Avery’s products are featured in real life scenarios and different realistic scenes to show how they can be used throughout daily life and in other unique ways. Changes have also been made to the structure of their software help guides and printing tutorials to promote more ways for consumers to print more effectively when using Avery products.

A New Consumer Experience

Commenting on these brand new changes, Kevin Power, Digital Marketing Manager, reinforced many of the new additions and tweaks made to the Avery website. “With consumers needing information quickly, whenever and wherever they are, we needed a site that reflected this. Our aim was to make it as quick and easy as possible for consumers to discover our products and ways they can be used, ideally with just a few clicks.

Power went on to explain the effect the new website experience has had on its consumer base. “In the short time since launch, we’ve been keeping a close eye on consumer behavior and have already noticed visitors browsing the new label-sub categories as well as our newer product categories. “We’ve also seen an increase in customer browsing sessions on the site and an increase in session duration.”

You can take a look at Avery’s new website by clicking here.

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