Future Office to Return for Paperworld 2018

future office at Paperworld 2018

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Following on from its success at this year’s show. Paperworld 2018 will see the return of the Future Office, with a new health and wellbeing theme.

This week on the Office Supplies Blog, the emphasis has been on technological advancements in the workplace. At next January’s Paperworld 2018 exhibition in Frankfurt, the Future Office space will focus on health and wellbeing in the workplace.

A week does not go by without a new study emphasising the importance of employee health. Last month we reported UK businesses were still failing to meet the health needs of their staff in our article UK Businesses Workers Health Fail.

The Difference Between a Bad Office and a Healthy Office

The Future Office will include a variety of brand manufacturers who specialise in staff wellbeing. Visitors to the exhibition will first encounter an example of a badly designed office space.  All the aspects of poor office life will be experienced in this space, noise, overcrowding and discomfort.

They will then encounter six areas that promote a healthy office and employee wellbeing:

  • Office space
  • Furniture
  • Catering
  • Working practices
  • Staff
  • Tasks

Andre Schmidt the architect responsible for the design says:

“The design is based on the idea that you only become aware of the negative factors when you use the office on an everyday basis,” explains architect André Schmidt. That is why the central point is the ‘Bad Office’, where life is loud, crowded, hectic and uncomfortable. Visitors start from here and wander through the ‘Healthy Office’, which provides them with positive and opposing impressions. Six areas contribute to an overall healthy office atmosphere: the office space, furniture, catering, working practices, staff and task, and these are all explored one by one in the dedicated special show. So, visitors trace a path through individual locations with acoustic experiences and lighting scenarios. They can try out a display of seating and get information about the quality of meals and about bio-rhythms; they can experience the atmosphere in quiet areas, to which people can go and discuss their new impressions in a café. In addition, there is some highly relevant and useful information to be had in specialist lectures and guided tours. The topics, which are aimed at specific target groups, change daily.”

To find out more about Paperworld 2018 which takes place from 27th-30th January 2018, visit the exhibition website here.

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