How Do You Use Your Voice Assistant?

A survey by IFTTT shows how we are using voice assistant technology.  Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are the latest “must-have” gadgets. Most users taking to their voice assistant at least four times a day.

As sales increase and prices continue to fall, voice assistants are becoming a popular feature in many homes. The growth of these devices has been rapid. 70% of all voice assistant devices have been bought in the past year.

Google Home and Amazon Echo are the two largest players in the market. In this recent survey by IFTTT (If This Then That), a platform that connects multiple devices, 1,500 users were asked about their voice assistant device habits.

It will come as no surprise that playing music is the most popular task which people use their voice assistant for. However, controlling smart lights, setting a timer and checking the weather forecast are all high on the list of activities.

The survey finds that 60% of users talk to their voice assistant at least four times a day. An additional 29% speak seven or more times.

As we continue to adopt the Internet of Things into our homes and offices, this survey finds people keen to add purchase more smart devices. In particular, 60% of those surveyed are interested in smart locks and cameras. Connected lights are also a popular choice with 57% wishing to buy them.

Apple and Samsung Set to Enter the Voice Assistant Market

As demand for voice assistant technology grows, Apple and Samsung are set to introduce their products to the marketplace.

Apple revealed HomePod in June. It is set to go on sale in the US, UK and Australia later this year. HomePod includes Siri voice integration but it will initially be a product focussed on playing music. It will also be able to send messages, schedule reminders, set timers and tell you the news and traffic reports.

Meanwhile, as Samsung enters the smart assistant marketplace with Bixby this week, it is rumoured that the company will also enter the voice assistant market. A secret project codenamed Vega is apparently underway to develop a smart speaker which will feature Bixby.

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