Do You Work in a Coffice?

Are you more likely to be found working in your local coffee shop rather than the office? Is the open plan office bad for your productivity and concentration?

A year ago, we published an article The End of the Open Plan Office? As workers struggle to concentrate in the open plan environment, it seems more of us resort to other spaces to get our work done. In particular, the coffee shop is becoming a preferable option.

Dr Nicole Millard, an expert in data, analytics and emerging technology states large, open plan offices are inefficient.  She predicts this style of working environment is coming of the end of its shelf life.

In a speech at the New Scientist Live on 30th September 2017 at Excel, London, Millard stated:

“The trouble with open-plan offices is they are a one-size-fits-all model which actually fits nobody,” 

“We’re interrupted every three minutes. It takes us between eight and 20 minutes to get back into that thought process. Email. We get too much. Meetings, colleagues. It’s all distracting.”

The Coffice of the Future

Millard predicts that the concept of “shoulder bag workers” is around the corner. Workers will carry their offices in their backpacks, as many of us do now – laptops, smartphone, notebooks and files. Instead of going to the office, small groups of workers will amalgamate together in coffee shops, or “coffices”, to get tasks and projects done.

Another aspect influencing this change in our working environment is the aging workforce. People are living and working longer. In addition, the state pension age is rising, and will no doubt rise again in the future. Thus, older workers do not want to work the regular 9 to 5 or deal with long commutes every day.

Do you spend less time in your regular office? Do you prefer to work in a different environment such as in a coffee shop or at home?  Share your thoughts with us on the Office Supplies Blog or via our LinkedIn Group or Twitter page.

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