Transom Capital Acquires Cross and Sheaffer

Transom Capital Acquires Cross and Sheaffer

Luxury pen manufacturer, A.T Cross has been acquired by Transom Capital. The private equity firm now owns both the Cross® and Sheaffer® brands.

Cross Pens was founded over 170 years ago. The company’s first fountain pen, the Peerless (named because there was no other pen to match it), is still in production.

Today, Cross continue to manufacture some of the world’s most luxurious writing instruments. Using precious metals including silver, gold and platinum, a Cross Pen is instantly recognizable by its “X” Authenticity mark.

The brand continues to be the writing instrument of choice for U.S Presidents. In fact, earlier this year President Donald Trump started running out of the custom-made Townsend fountain pens. A batch of 350 new gold plated pens were sent to him in February to ensure there was no delay in him signing executive orders.

Transom Capital Group Acquisition

Transom Capital Group has acquired Cross and Sheaffer from Clarion Capital Partners. Clarion originally bought Cross Pens in 2013 and then Sheaffer the following year. The terms of this deal have not been disclosed.

“The Cross transaction fits well with the investment strategy of Transom Capital and will allow us to partner with management in executing our ARMOR℠ value creation process,” says Russ Roenick, Managing Partner of Transom Capital.

“The iconic Cross and Sheaffer brands have tremendous history and recognition in the U.S. and globally, and are positioned well with specialty distributors, mass retailers, and ecommerce players, bringing with them an outstanding legacy of fine writing products that have been passed down through generations. We look forward to growing these two exceptional brands around the world.”

Innovative Product Development

This acquisition enables Cross and Sheaffer to invest in product development initiatives and expand into new product categories and markets. Transom has experience in branded consumer markets. In particular, it has a reputation for growing premium brands.

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