Alexa for Business

Amazon Alexa for Business is set to be introduced to Amazon Business. The announcement came at a conference in Las Vegas last week.

Alexa has proved popular in the home and now it set to enter the workplace. Hundreds of engineers have been recruited to Alexa as Amazon competes with Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri in this highly competitive voice activated tech market.

Moving beyond simply operating lights and checking security camera feeds, Amazon will enhance Alexa’s functionality. New developments  include:

  • Manaing work calendars
  • Booking meeting/conference rooms
  • Automatically dial into conference calls
  • Notifying IT about a broken printer
  • Ordering office supplies and stationery

Speaking to Reuters, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels says:

“If voice is a natural way of interacting in your home, why don’t we build something that you can actually use at work as well?” 

Of course, many companies will be uncomfortable with the prospect of Echo speakers listening in every meeting room. Amazon states that no information is sent to cloud until a user wakes an Alexa device by name, yet requests are still stored.

In addition, Alexa for Business allows users to enrol their personal Alexa account with their Alexa for Business account.

Record Black Friday Sales for Amazon Alexa

In statement released by Amazon last week, sales of Alexa enabled devices were in the millions across the globe over the Black Friday weekend. Over 20 million Alexa devices have been sold in the past three years. It is predicted that by 2020, Alexa device installations could reach 128 million.

For more information about Alexa for Business, visit the Amazon for Business website here.

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