Yard-O-Led Launch Royal Wedding Pen Set

Royal Wedding Yard O Led Pen And Pencil

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On the heels of the announced marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, English pencil and pen maker Yard-O-Led have created a limited edition Royal Wedding Pen and Pencil Set dedicated to the Royal couple.

In what will be a huge event for both the Royal Family and much of the British public also, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are due to marry next month. With the ceremony taking place in the Royal Family’s private St. George’s Chapel located in the grounds of Windsor Castle, traditional pencil and pen creators Yard-O-Led have announced the release of a new limited edition set to commemorate the special occasion. The sterling silver pencil in the set has been created specifically to pay tribute to Meghan, whilst the sterling silver ballpoint pen features designs and themes associated with Prince Harry.

A Tribute to Their Roots

Collectively named “The Chapel” (in reference to the previously mentioned St. George’s Chapel where the wedding ceremony takes place on May 19th), both the pen and pencil included in the limited edition set have been designed to capture the traditional backgrounds and vibrant personalities of the soon to be married Royal couple. Featuring on the sterling silver pencil dedicated to Meghan are hand chased patterns of flowers and leaves which are native to both Britain and North America, along with Royal Oak leaves in reference to the Windsor’s coat of arms.

Meghan’s pencil also contains references to her time in America and Canada too, with the California Golden Poppy combining with the Bird of Paradise flower – a flower that grows in the wilderness of Canada and is the location of Meghan’s role in the television series Suits. The flower also grows in the country of Botswana, paying additional homage to the first holiday the couple spent together.

Prince Harry’s dedicated ballpoint pen features similar hand decoration and includes odes to his upbringing along with references to his heritage also. The pen itself has been crafted on a Victorian engine-turning machine and includes an engravings of a nineteenth-century pattern and traditional elegant designs that have become synonymous with both the Royal Family and the Birmingham based pen maker, Yard-O-Led. The first 100 of these sets have been reserved and placed into individually numbered presentation cases, with a specially engraved “H” included on the flute of the ballpoint pen and an “M” on the pencil in the set.

Souvenirs to Remember

Yard-O-Led’s stationery tribute to this year’s Royal Wedding is not the only occasion of merchandise featuring themes around the Royal family being created by companies other than the Royal Collection Trust. Looking back to 1986, an unofficial souvenir plate was designed and sold by Prinknash Pottery in order to commemorate the marriage of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. In more recent times, several manufacturers and businesses produced mugs and cutlery paying tribute to the Royal Wedding between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton. With relation to current events, it can heavily be expected that tributes will also be produced to commemorate the birth of their third child which took place on Monday, of which many businesses and leading retailers will be eager to be given permission to create.

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