How Can Tea Boost Productivity?

Tea boosts productivity blog 09.05.18

For many of us office workers, a good brew is an everyday essential. Without that morning dose of caffeine, we simply aren’t awake yet. It seems that we often associate a strong coffee with that much needed energy boost to keep us ticking. Yet, we overlook how tea can also boost productivity levels without the nasty side effects that coffee can bring from too much caffeine.

Tea is a popular drink all over the world. It comes in lots of different varieties, from your traditional English tea to your herbal fruit teas. We might drink tea because it tastes good and it keeps us hydrated through the day. But, have we given much thought into how swapping from coffee to tea on a morning can welcome health benefits such as productivity and mental wellness?

Caffeine Overload

The right amount of caffeine can decrease fatigue and improve focus. However, too much caffeine can be addictive and can be associated with many health problems. According to NHS Choices, an overload of caffeine can lead to high blood pressure (hypertension), stained teeth, and anxiety.

Anxiety and stress is a growing problem in the workplace, and too much caffeine certainly isn’t helping that. According to a study by Officevibe in 2014, 76% of participants claimed that money and work pressures are the leading causes of their stress. With so many office workers turning to caffeine as the fuel to get through their stressful work day, the side effects of too much can make their stress and anxiety levels soar.

Caffeine is a stimulant that increases heart rate. Too much of this can lead to nervousness, agitation and increased anxiety levels. For those that already suffer from anxiety, too much caffeine can even spur on panic attacks – something you don’t want, especially at work.

The levels of caffeine in your standard cup of coffee is almost double the amount that’s in your standard cup of tea. Swapping your morning cup of coffee to a cup of tea can help you to reduce your caffeine intake whilst still giving you the energy boost you need on a tired weekday morning.

Tea Can Help You to Relax

Contrastingly, although tea contains some caffeine, it can have a relaxing effect on the body and can be a great way to unwind at work. Tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which works together with caffeine to stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonin. These two chemicals in the brain are responsible for making us feel ‘happier’ and the combination with L-theanine leads to a stable energy boost that improves mood and prevents stress. In result, less stress means better productivity and more work done.

According to a study by Newcastle University, drinking tea may also improve brain performance. The research discovered that neurological activity in the brain increased around half an hour after drinking a cup of tea. The changes were linked to improved cognitive function, alertness, memory, and logical reasoning.

Taking a simple tea break to prevent yourself burning out may also keep you focused and productive at work. Regular tea breaks will allow you to keep your mind relaxed and prevented against stress.

Almost 80% of Britons are tea drinkers, with an estimated 165 million cups of tea being drank each day. Could you swap your morning coffee for a healthier cup of tea?

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