Washroom Woes Ruining Reputations

Washroom Woes Ruining Reputations

Want to avoid customers and clients kicking up a stink when visiting your business? A new study has discovered that poor washroom hygiene can have more of a negative effect on initial perceptions than we might realize.

The study, conducted by janitorial and sanitation company Initial Washroom Hygiene, further examined the resulting impressions that poor washroom hygiene and overall ‘air care’ can have on customers and clients. Surveying 5,000 respondents from the UK, Australia, France, Malaysia and Italy, the company found that bad experiences associated with company washrooms, bathrooms and break rooms can have a significantly negative impact on overall business perception and the likelihood of repeating their custom.

The survey also featured some further interesting statistics with:

  • 60% of respondents said their impression of a business would change if it contained an unpleasant smelling washroom
  • One quarter of those asked said they would be embarrassed about clients and visitors using their facilities due to poor bathroom odours.
  • 25% of those surveyed further stated that cafes, bars and restaurants had much cleaner washrooms than where they worked themselves

The Value of Washroom Air Care

Whilst the issue seems to be problematic across the world, answers taken from respondents from the UK provided the most alarming reading with 73% stating that unpleasant smells in company washrooms would negatively affect their perception of a business’ premises. Almost another two thirds added to this, saying that bad stenches and poor hygiene in bathrooms and toilets within company buildings would make them much less likely to spend money with them entirely. Further comments from the study, provided by Technical Manager at Initial Washroom Hygiene, Dr Peter Barratt, stress the importance in paying attention to a customer’s washroom expectations.

“Our report highlights the significant impact that unpleasant smelling washrooms can have on perceptions of a particular brand – it makes business sense to pay attention to what consumers are saying. While some businesses are still unaware of advances in air care methods, the necessity for effective washroom odour control is easy for companies to understand.”

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