The Company Creating Office Furniture from Plastic Waste

The company creating office furniture from plastic waste 30.05.18Plastic Whale is the first ever company to create office furniture from plastic waste. By scooping out plastic from Amsterdam’s canals, the company has discovered new and innovative purposes for the environmental nightmare.

Plastic Pollution

Plastic waste is a growing problem. This year, 8 billion kilos of plastic waste will enter the world’s rivers, seas, and walkways with the potential to pose dangerous threats to both animals and humans.

Due to plastic being inexpensive and durable, production levels by humans are high. However, the structural properties of plastic defy natural degradation, which is causing a huge build-up of the material.  This material is particularly harmful to marine animals, as a huge proportion of plastic waste is deposited into the sea.

Because of this, these toxic, plastic materials can cause animals to become entangled and become poisoned through indigestion.

Plastic Whale Tackling Plastic Waste

In an effort to combat the current plastic problem, Plastic Whale and Vepa have collaborated to produce high-end office furniture made from Amsterdam Canal plastic.

For the past few years, Plastic Whale have been taking to the city’s canals by scooping out plastic waste in nets. They are known as the first ever “Plastic Fisherman”. The plastic waste that was originally collected was transformed into boats to carry more Plastic Fisherman, which effectively facilitated more plastic clean-ups. With so much collected waste, the company found another use. They created a line of furniture to include; a boardroom table, chairs, lamps, and acoustic wall panels.

The collection of circular furniture is heavily inspired by whales, to pay homage to the sea and the majestic creatures the company is fighting to protect. Consequently, the shape of The Chair subtly echoes the familiarity of a whale’s tail, whilst the shape of The Lamp represents the barnacles that are found living on a whale’s skin.

With every piece of furniture sold, Plastic Whale will invest in initiatives around the world that combat plastic pollution. Every single product is made from reclaimed PET plastic, and also uses recycled steel for the structures and textile waste for the cushioning. On top of this, when the furniture has been used, you can return it to Plastic Whale so that it can be recycled again. The company even vow to pay you for it.

For more information on the project, watch the video below:

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