Hybrid Chairs New Trend for Offices

Hybrid Chairs

Are you sitting comfortably? According to office solutions provider, Dynamic Office Solutions, more businesses are now investing in Hybrid Chairs for the workplace.

In aid of addressing their employee wellbeing responsibilities and to latch on to ergonomics issues in the workplace, Hybrid Chairs are proving to be a hit within UK offices. The necessities surrounding supportive and adaptive posture seating and the changing workplace has created the new seating solution, which have been labelled as Hybrid Chairs.

What are Hybrid Chairs?

According to Dynamic Office Solutions, Hybrid Chairs incorporate several aspects of more traditional office chairs, but with some added features often found on task or operator chairs. Aesthetically, the chairs look identical in both dimensions and upholstery value to traditional executive chairs. However, Hybrid Chairs also include extra comfort for back and lumbar support, ideal for those working on administrative or IT focused tasks.

A Furniture Trend Catching on Fast

The interest in the Hybrid Chairs trend is evident – the new product sector has already surpassed a £1m sales marker this year since it’s introduction, with growth expected to continue. Adding thoughts on the sudden surge of interest in a split combination of the executive chair and task/operator chairs was Managing Director of Dynamic, Carl Verlander.

“Senior management roles have changed significantly, and during that change working practices have altered over the past couple of decades. Now execs often take care of many duties previously performed by a bank of administrators and secretaries. “We have designed chairs to reflect that change. They match the fresh requirements from executive users who need support and comfort whilst engaged in mixed admin and monitor activity.”

Accommodating Employee Needs

Introducing Hybrid Chairs as an ergonomic solution for employees could just be one of the ways in which to accommodate an employee’s needs in the office environment. According to recent results from a survey conducted by furniture company, Steelcase, the leading expectations employees had for their workplace were:

  • Inclusion of informal spaces (51% said that they needed an ‘escape’ from working in the same place every day)
  • Improvement of pre-existing informal workspaces (45% would expect more views of greenery and nature)

The full study concludes that employees now expect their office space and workplace to facilitate informal connections with their peers, promote teamwork, grant privacy and provide areas of comfort. These changes are the most likely way for enhancing collaboration and communication between employees. Innovative office furniture such as Hybrid Chairs could now provide a starting point for many businesses not already invested in the interests of their employees, to consider.

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