Creating the Perfect Home Office for Productivity

If you work remotely or away from the office at certain parts of the week, setting up your home office space can be a chore. Here’s some insightful tips into creating the perfect home office for productivity.

Set The Mood With Colour

In terms of increasing focus and productivity, painting the walls of your office and theming items in your office might not be a priority at first. But it should be. According to several studies, the colours around us can have an impact on our mood, concentration and attitude. With this being said, you should attempt to keep the colours in your home office to those that best suit you as a person. If you are looking to create a bright and cheery space, then lime green or orange are good options. On the other hand, for a more calming option, light greens and shades of blue might ease you into performing work easier. Avoid negative colours such as red or black, as these can prove to be demotivational.

Organise Some Appropriate Lighting

If you want to avoid prolonged eye strain, migraines and headaches, a good lighting setup is pivotal. If you work better with the light at different intensity levels throughout the day, then consider using dimmer switches. You should always position your laptop or desktop computer away from window or overhead light glare, so make the necessary adjustments to your desk where needed. For smaller tasks and reading, a small desk lamp can prove to be beneficial also.

Keep It Functional

While you might want to promote style over substance for a perfect home office space, always bear in mind how functional it is. Depending on your workflow and working style, only fill your home office space with essential accessories and furniture. It can be a temptation to include novelty items on your work desk or unique art pieces around your office, but these will only serve to distract you and are better left for other rooms. At the same time, your perfect home office space should make you feel comfortable, so including smaller features from other parts of the house can sometimes be beneficial to your work psyche.

Inspire Yourself

Whether it’s through a framed photo of your favourite holiday location or by a small poster of your favourite TV show, we all have different things that inspire us. Your perfect home office should be a haven for creativity and positivity, so consider including something on your desk or above it to really drive the point home. Some good inspirational pieces you could include are famous quotes, landscape photography, abstract art and photos of family and friends. On those days where you might struggle to work on an important task or have the energy to complete important reports, these forms of pocket sized inspiration will help get you by.

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