Pentel Pen Raises Money for Prostate Cancer UK

Through one of Pentel’s recent charity campaigns, sales of a Pentel Pen have raised over half a million pounds towards Prostate Cancer UK.

The impressive sum that the pen manufacturer raised was through the sale of special edition pens produced by the company. Over 2 million units were produced in support of the charity campaign. These created donations toward the men’s health charity Prostate Cancer UK. This isn’t the first time that Pentel have teamed up with the charity. In 2009, the pen manufacturer showed its support towards Prostate Cancer UK by donating a sum of the money raised by sales of LineStyle, a blue-barreled special edition ballpoint pen.

Limited Edition Pentel Pen

The Pentel pen sold during the recent campaign was a variation of the manufacturer’s EnerGel XM Retractable rollerball pen. Containing quick drying ink, the Pentel pen also sports a white barrel and has a light blue accented trim. The overall colour scheme has been produced by the company in order to represent the charity’s main brand colours. It was chosen to help drive home Prostate Cancer UK’s messages regarding Prostate Cancer awareness. For every Energel XM Retractable rollerball pen that has been sold, Pentel have donated 25p of the cost towards the charity. The overall sales have helped to raise over half a million pounds in the process.

Raising Money and Awareness

Pentel Marketing Manager, Wendy Vickery explained more about Pentel’s commitment to raising money and awareness towards Prostate Cancer UK.

“We are absolutely delighted that, with the enthusiasm and support of our customers – especially Clintons – we’ve raised over half a million pounds for Prostate Cancer UK through sales of our special edition pens. We heard earlier this year that prostate cancer has become the third biggest cancer killer in the UK, and this has made us more determined than ever to continue to support the excellent work of Prostate Cancer UK, to help fund projects to raise awareness of the disease and improve the quality of life for men living with a diagnosis.”

Wendy continues with the next goal Pentel are hoping to achieve with the company. “Our efforts won’t stop now we’ve reached this significant figure. We’ll keep going, setting new goals and hopefully raising much more money to support Prostate Cancer UK and the fantastic work that they do. Next step, £1 million!”

Grateful for their Continued Support

Prostate Cancer UK works with organizations on numerous projects to help in raising awareness of the disease all year round. With the support for their charity in 2009 through sales of the LineStyle Pentel Pen and with this most recent campaign, James Beeby, Associate Director of Prostate Cancer UK spoke on the gratitude the charity has towards their partnership with Pentel.

“This partnership has been something to really write home about, and we are incredibly grateful to Pentel for their continued support in helping to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. Raising over half a million pounds is a phenomenal achievement and the money raise will help fund vital research and support for men. One man dies every 45 minutes from prostate cancer, a shocking statistic. It is with support from Pentel and their customers that we are able to continue to help stop prostate cancer being a killer, and for this we cannot thank them enough”.


PentelPentel Raises Over £500,00 for Prostate Cancer UK

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