Green Tick Given for This Year’s Green Light

UK business supplies wholesaler VOW have received positive feedback on their event format change from the attendees of last week’s Green Light event.

After a format shakeup was announced earlier this year by VOW, their annual Green Light event has been received well by many. The event which took place at the Hilton Metropole Hotel in Birmingham was tweaked to focus more on the strong relationship the wholesaler has with its reseller partners and sales teams. Due to the new format change, the Green Light event featured a greater mix of sales seminars and showcase session for exhibitors. For attendees hoping to build up their company networks, it also provided a great chance for networking opportunities throughout the course of the day.

New Year, New Format

After previous years featured a much more formal presentational based type of structure, VOW flipped its format for last week’s event. The new programme placed more emphasis on the use of seminars and sales-based talks from a variety of invited guest speakers, a change which has been well received by many who attended. Similarly to their Green Light event in 2017, it received a strong attendance of over 300 delegates from almost 100 individual dealers and businesses.

In terms of VOW’s main vendor partners, almost 70 were at the show in which to showcase their latest products and innovations during several exciting interactive expos and open sessions. Making things a little more fun and creative were several different stands including Avery’s fairground themed stand with games to interact with, Henkel’s adrenaline pumping ‘Hanging Man’ challenge and ACCO’s walkthrough area amongst many others.

Green Light Feedback

The renewed format decision came from attendee feedback from previous years, in which greater choice and flexibility was requested. Speaking more on why the change was made this year, VOW Managing Director, Adrian Butler explains:

“The view that we got from people who attended Green Light previously was that they wanted to be able to pick and choose a bit more in relation to presentations. While they enjoyed the celebrity speakers that we have had in the past, they couldn’t always use what the speakers were presenting in their business. Instead, they wanted people that were more relatable to them and who could give them ideas that they could put into practice straight away.”

Future of Green Light

Upon testing a brand-new running format for the event, VOW will be happy to hear the positive feedback that the new changes have received. Whilst plans for next year’s event have yet to be announced, VOW Marketing Director Helen Wade comments:

“A final decision on the format of next year’s Green Light hasn’t been made, but as this year’s event was such a success, we will certainly be looking to build on this rather than just converting back to the old format.”

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