The Stationers’ Company Launch Awards for 2019

Continuing to celebrate the importance of the communications and content industries in the current UK economy, The Stationers’ Company have launched new awards for 2019.

The 2019 Stationers’ Company Innovation Excellence Awards will see a panel of expert judges rating entrants based on their economic performance, potential, novelty and overall social impact. In terms of candidates, the panel will be examining numerous products, services or business processes from various disciplines including trade associations, commercial companies, charities, educational institutions and individuals. Public bodies will also be able to provide representation too, as museums, libraries and galleries can also be included in the awards process.

‘Showcasing Innovation by Small and Large Organisations’

Speaking further following the announcement of the awards, Jonathan Drori, Chairman of the Stationers’ Company Innovation Excellence Awards comments:

“These annual awards showcase the innovation by small and large organisations, which drives prosperity and growth, and are a great opportunity for entrants to publicise their achievements.”

The Stationers’ Company Innovation Excellence Awards have been running for several years, something that Drori expresses as placing a focus on celebrating the creativity and positive actions in the UK communications and content-based industries, as he adds:

“Launched in 2014, these annual awards, which are free to enter, not only celebrate the creativity and drive in the UK communications and content industries, but also give valuable publicity to the entrant’s achievements.”

Previous Stationers’ Company Innovation Excellence Awards Winners

Last year, the overall winner of the Stationers’ Company Innovation Excellence Awards 2018 was announced as Parkside Flexibles (UK and Asia). The company, which specializes in advanced packaging and flexographic printing solutions, was awarded with the Innovator of the Year award. Additionally, the company also gained the Novel Manufacturing Technology award for its Park 2 Nature range of products.

Quoting their official 2018 awards programme, the judging panel for the Stationers’ Company Innovation Excellence Awards chose Parkside Flexibles to receive this particular award for the Park 2 Nature range due to the judges “noting the long period of research culminating in ‘Park 2 Nature’, a range of certified compostable laminate structures to replace conventional plastics”.

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