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Image Credit: Ensso

A new unique piece of stationery known as the ESCALA pen combines a swish fountain pen with a sleek scale ruler.

Here on Office Supplies Blog, we like to highlight unique pieces of stationery and office equipment that has managed to catch our eye from time to time.

As a result, we decided this week that we’d look at a new innovative fountain pen that combines with a scale ruler to create a very slick piece of stationery indeed!

Known as the ESCALA pen, this pen and scale-ruler combination has been crafted by the Los Angeles based firm Ensso and is aimed at architects, engineers and those in more manual lines of work.

Not just arriving with a sophisticated sounding name, the ESCALA pen looks like an extremely useful tool and pen combo. Here’s a closer look.

A Scale Ruler Fountain Pen Crafted for Design

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Image Credit: Ensso

Crafted from space-grade aluminum and anodized in a matte black tint, the ESCALA pen certainly looks the part when it comes to overall aesthetic appeal.

Markings on the scale ruler are laser engraved in bright white text and in a clean font for ease of reading.

Even the nib of the pen component has been carefully considered too, manufactured in the “highest of qualities” according to Ensso and comes supplied in either a fine, medium or broad nib size.

When it comes to refilling the ESCALA pen, it uses a Schmidt K5 ink converter if using bottled ink. Ensso acomment that it also accepts short and long standard international ink cartridges if required also though.

Taken from their Kickstarter page, the official dimensions for the ESCALA pen list as:

Pen with cap/sleeve

Length: 130mm

Width: 20mm

Weight: 51.2g

Pen without cap/sleeve

Length: 107mm

Width: 10mm

Weight 10.3g

Reasons and Inspirations Behind the ESCALA Pen

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Image Credit: Ensso

Carlo Aiello, the founder of Ensso, who along with his team has spent nearly 6 months producing and pitching the ESCALA Pen, provided some key reasons and the main inspirations in creating the scale ruler and combined pen in a recent Dezeen article.

“Fountain pens and scale-rulers are to fundamental tools for architects, engineers and designers. We wanted to create one product that could be used simultaneously.

There are many pens with ruler markings on one of their sides but you need to either use it as a pen or as a ruler.

ESCALA is the fusion of two designs. We aimed to reduce these two objects to their minimum and recombined them into one. We followed the golden ratio to create the dimensions for each component in relation to the others.”

Is the ESCALA Pen Available to Buy Now?

Unfortunately, this innovative piece of stationery isn’t available to purchase just yet.

Ensso however, are currently running a Kickstarter campaign in order to be able to start general production of the pens.

You can see more specifications and further details about the ESCALA pen on their Kickstarter page here.

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