SOFEA to Be Shut Down

Office Supplies Blog has recently learned that the not-for-profit group SOFEA is to be shut down following a string of internal concerns.

Following a recent membership vote, the not-for-profit organisation Sustainable Office European Association (SOFEA), has come to the decision to disband.

Known for their work in making advancements on a new sustainable office supplies grading system, the group has announced its intention to officially dissolve its practices by the 31st of August 2019.

SOFEA had two offices located in both the Netherlands (Venlo) and in Belgium (Brussels) but these had already shut their doors by the 1st of July, signaling the start to an unfortunate end of the work carried out by the association.

Reasons for SOFEA Closure

The closure of the SOFEA group was the result of a recommendation which was made during the organisation’s general meeting which was held on the 25th of June.

A members vote was held to determine the future of the group, with several factors being considered during the discussions including:

The association was no longer able to function properly in order to fully meet its targets.
It became no longer possible to fully manage the organisation.
Financial concerns i.e. insufficient levels of funding in order to carry out upcoming projects.

SOFEA is now searching for any interested parties in relation to transferring the methodology behind their sustainable office supplies grading system.

Official Statement on Closure

Citing that following up on many of their intended projects relied on reseller commitments which were missing due to various reasons, Managing Director Anita Gunther-Singh expresses:

“In the current situation it is impossible to drive the association and its goals forward.”

Whilst the associations website is still live at the time of writing, a statement given by the association gives thanks to its members stating:

“SOFEA would like to thank everybody for the support and creating an invaluable assessment tool”

The official members listed as being part of the SOFEA group are 3M, Alkor, ACCO Brands, Adveo, Antalis, Colop, Fellowes, Lama, Maped, Pentel, Pilot, Stabilo, Tesa, Trodat and Victor Stationery.

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