How to Pick the Right Office Location

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Ruby Clarkson explains why choosing the right office location is important in the world today in our latest Guest Blog article.

Choosing the right office location is important in the world today.

It can actually make or break a business, affecting which customers you attract, whether you can attract the best employees and other things like your ability to network, to be seen to be ‘on the scene’ and how close your competitors are to you.

When you are considering where to locate your business’s office, there are three main aspects that you should be thinking about –

The area’s suitability for your business

How its location would affect your employees

How it could affect your visitors

It is an important decision to make and one which shouldn’t be taken lightly, so how can you pick the right location for your office?

The Area’s Suitability for Your Business

The first aspect that you should be looking at is how suitable each area is for your business.

For example, some businesses feel that they would benefit from being close to other similar business such as in an industry ‘hub’.

In many industries – such as the financial, creative, tech and media industries, businesses feel that being concentrated in one area is a positive thing.

Office search specialists, Cornerstone state that Shoreditch for example, is “teaming with successful tech companies, start-ups and media brands who have all made their mark in East London”.

Being close to other companies in your industry allows for better networking between you and perhaps a greater chance of collaboration.

It might mean that it is easier to get specific products or services.

Certain industries or trades have stuck together for centuries – just look at Fleet Street or the City, so there must be something in it.

However, this is not the right thing for all businesses.

For some businesses, being located close to their competitors is not the best thing and it is better to become the big fish in another part of town.

Knowing how your business will fit into its new location is an important aspect of moving or opening up new premises and it is important that you carefully consider this angle.

How the Office Location Would Affect Your Employees

Any fair and forward-thinking company would consider how a change in location would affect their employees.

Aspects such as how easy it is to park, the ease of use and usefulness of public transport, access to airports and the time it takes to get there and back can all affect morale and productivity.

Factors such as these can make or break your office move.

It can make a difference between keeping hold of and losing your best employees and attracting new talent who will push your business onto bigger and better things.

If socialising is important to your business, having places to go during lunch time might be important.

Whether there are parks close by, supermarkets or gyms, for example, should also be considered if these are important to you.

Your location could make the difference between whether someone would consider working for you or not, and that can be vital in ensuring that your business grows from strength to strength.

How the Location Will Affect Your Visitors

It is also important that if you are setting up an office – or indeed, moving to somewhere bigger and better – that you consider your visitors.

These could be people from within your business or clients, suppliers or customers from outside.

Again, you should consider where and how they are going to get to you – is there adequate parking?

What is the location’s proximity and ease to connections on public transport – or does that matter?

Are they likely to want to talk to as many businesses as possible in a short space of time?

Are they expecting to fly in or fly out regularly?

Or how close are you to the main roads in and out of the town or city?

All of these are important considerations for deciding where you are going to base your office location.

Look at the Area

If you have decided on a few areas which you think would be best for you to be based, it is important to not only look at the offices that are available themselves, but also the area.

Check firstly that you think that it is a safe area for your business and employees, then go on to look at the other aspects of the surrounding area.

Choosing your new premises is an important decision and one which requires a great deal of thought and research.

However, by finding the right office location you can help to ensure the office environment that you want, keeps employees and guests happy and that you are surrounded by the right businesses for you to see your business grow from strength to strength.

Article provided by Ruby Clarkson

Sam Rose