Ecommerce Associations Merger to be Formed

An ecommerce associations merger was announced earlier this month, with both parties joining up in a bid to give digital commerce businesses a single voice.

The two associations known as E-Commerce Europe and European E-Commerce & Omnichannel Trade Association (also known as EMOTA) are to unify next year under the E-Commerce Europe name.

Effective as of the 1st of January 2020, the two ecommerce associations will look after the interests of more than 100,000 digital and ecommerce driven stores across Europe, with 25 national ecommerce association members as representatives.

Reasoning Behind Ecommerce Associations Merger

Much of the reasoning given by the two associations to now take the step to merge under one banner comes down to the overall growth of the ecommerce sector.

It has been predicted that European B2C ecommerce sales are expected to grow by an average rate of 13% throughout the rest of the year to €621 billion (approx. £543 billion), meaning that the sector is likely to require more support and to be presented with more opportunities for development.

Most of the turnover from these sales has been reported by the Ecommerce Foundation as stemming from Western Europe, accounting for 66% of B2C ecommerce sales.

In contrast, Eastern Europe only accounts for €23 billion (approx. £20 billion) taken from the total taken last year of €547 billion (approx. £482 billion).

Merger to Make ‘A Real Impact’

Speaking on the new ecommerce associations merger, President of EMOTA, Frederik Palm commented on how it will create a strong impact on assisting digital commerce in Europe.

“I am very happy that we will finally speak with one single voice for the common interests of the digital commerce industry in Europe.

“By exchanging our experiences, ideas and knowledge between Member States, we can bundle our expertise.

Only together, we can have a real impact and ensure that our ideas and initiatives are heard in Brussels.”

The President of Ecommerce Europe, François Momboisse, supporting the statement given by Palm whilst speaking to Ecommerce News, added:

“We are extremely proud to announce that Ecommerce Europe and EMOTA are joining forces to become the sole e-commerce association at EU level.

This is great news for our industry, which can now count on a stronger voice in Europe.”

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