Dynamic Sitting Comfortably – The AT 187 Office Chair

Dynamic Sitting AT 187 Office Chair

Image Credit: Wilkhahn

Using its patented technologies, the AT 187 Office Chair promotes the practice of dynamic sitting to encourage greater ergonomics when working at a desk.

It’s been a while since we’ve shone the spotlight on an innovative stationery item, piece of office equipment or office furniture here on Office Supplies Blog, so we were only too eager to discover information about a new office chair focusing on improving workplace ergonomics.

The AT 187 Office Chair from the German furniture brand Wilkhahn features several innovations and technologies that set it apart from other ergonomic chairs currently available on the market.

With its capabilities aimed at maintaining someone’s centre of gravity while they shift positions throughout the average work day, the patented Trimension technologies are said to actively encourage movement whilst working at a desk or in a seated position in the workplace.

Trimension Technologies

Image Credit: Wilkhahn

Taking a closer look at the chair, Wilkhahn point out that the AT 187 Office Chair’s key innovation lie within the shell of the chair’s seat and through Trimension technologies.

Containing a self-centering suspension system, the chair aids anybody sitting in it through maintaining its centre of gravity at all times, even when a user decides to adjust their posture or alter their original sitting position.

Additionally, the seat on the chair includes a backrest with full tilt capabilities and accessibility which can adjust automatically depending on someone’s overall size and weight.

As a result, these two combined aspects of the chair’s overall makeup mean that the concept of dynamic sitting is brought to the forefront, which in turn allows workers to move in any direction whilst being seated, helping to further stimulate the metabolic process.

Research into Dynamic Sitting

Image Credit: Wilkhahn

The concept of the AT 187 Office Chair has not just been developed off a whim however.

Wilkhahn have carried several areas of research whilst collaborating with the German Sport University in Cologne in order to further explore the effects of prolonged sitting and to investigate a link between physical fitness and mental performance.

As part of their research, both parties carried out a biomechanical analysis of the body whilst seated in a chair at a desk.

The results evidenced that movements of the hips holds the key in activating muscles and our skeletons.

Upon realizing this, Wilkhahn set on producing an ergonomic office chair which focused on the allowance of dynamic sitting, meaning that anyone sitting in the AT 187 Office Chair could have it configured to suit their personal preferences whilst allowing for greater freedom in movement whilst seated.

Wilkhahn talk more about their research and implementation methods, explaining:

“To produce a three-dimensional and supported form of motion, Trimension was developed in close association with health and sports science sectors.

Trimension is a synchronous adjustment mechanism that allows two-dimensional bending and stretching of the torso and sideways movements of the hips.”

Promoting the scientifically backed studies they have undertook, the company adds:

“Underpinned by three studies, the new concept is one of the most scientifically proved solutions for encouraging movement in offices.”

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