Find My Supplies – New Machine and Printer Finder Update Released for 2020

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Printing consumables and office supplies e-commerce website Find My Supplies has updated its printer and machine search facility in preparation for 2020.

The update made last month means that users are now available to search for up to 1,800 printers and office machines, an increase from an initial availability of 700 searchable options.

Using the search facility will allow users unsure of the ink or toner cartridge required when refilling their printer ink to correctly identify which consumables are compatible with their machine.

Additionally, users are now able to search for any required driver updates on listed machines in order to solve common printer related issues and protect machines from becoming prone to security threats.

HP Highlight Importance of Genuine Printing Consumables

The importance of ensuring to only use genuine ink and toner supplies for machines is something that has been extensively covered by printer and printing consumables manufacturer HP.

Non-genuine printing consumables have also been proven to have detrimental effects on the environment, often leading to businesses putting their sustainability credibility into question.

In a recent Q&A, United Kingdom & Ireland Printing Director for HP, Gary Tierney, addressed how the use of non-genuine printing consumables can undercut the work companies have done to make their operations more eco-friendly, commenting:

“Customers need to be aware that failure to use original authentic products has environmental repercussions which undercut their sustainability efforts.

Around 97 per cent of imitation cartridges end their lives in landfills, as, unsurprisingly, most imitations manufacturers fail to collect their own products.”

Tierney adds:

“Sub-optimal imitation cartridges perform relatively poorly, and as a result, people must print up to 29 per cent more pages for quality results which causes avoidable waste.

This extra printing can use 40 per cent more energy and consume 54 per cent more fossil fuels, which contributes to a 55 percent larger carbon footprint.”

Find My Supplies’ Updated Search Facility Protects Customers from Non-Genuine Printing Consumables

With their status as a HP Partner First Platinum, Find My Supplies only offer genuine HP printers and printing consumables for purchase, with a dedicated page on their website also highlighting other key benefits of using HP Original Ink and Toner cartridges.

Find My Supplies’ updated printer and machine search tool ensures that users continue to receive these benefits, whilst avoiding any potential damage to machines and to the environment through non-genuine printing consumables.

To access the updated printer and machine search facility, click here.

Sam Rose