Managing Director of Durable Steps Down

Managing Director of Durable Steps Down

Office Supplies Blog has learned that the Managing Director of Durable, Horst-Werner Maier-Hunke, will be stepping down from his position this year.

After 40 years of leading the manufacturing organization Durable, Managing Director and office products industry icon Horst-Werner Maier-Hunke has made the decision to retire from his role.

As reported by OPI, he will be replaced in the next coming months by Rolf Schifferens, who will eventually take up the position of new Managing Director of the company after a short transitional period.

As part of his new duties and responsibilities, Schifferens will be tasked with monitoring the sales, marketing, development, production and logistics at Durable, after moving on from his previous status as a board member of Faber-Castell and Managing Director of the Faber-Castell Vertrieb subsidiary.

A Legacy Built Within the Industry

Maier-Hunke’s retirement marks a significant change within the Durable organization after becoming Managing Director of the company in 1980.

His tenure at Durable saw him build it over the years into becoming a €100 million (approx. £85 million) valued business, with his hard work and dedication being highlighted and marked with the Lifetime Achievement award during the first ever EOPA Awards in 2002.

Following the announcement of Maier-Hunke as Managing Director of Durable, it has been remarked that Schifferens will be at the helm to ensure that the company is able to progress through a period of strategical realignment and will cope with the changing demands of the office products market.

Strategic Change Required at Durable

Speaking further on some of the difficulties the company and the industry is currently facing, Maier-Hunke commented during a press conference at Paperworld in Frankfurt last month on a noticeable decline of paper-related office products and the pressures of developing new sales channels in order to drive forward further cultural changes.

Displaying his support for Schifferens taking over in the Managing Director role, Maier-Hunke added:

“I appreciate Rolf Schifferens for his feeling for the demands of the market – the success in his previous positions underlines this.

“I am therefore convinced that we have found a very experienced and competent manager in him.”

Sam Rose