Xerox Name a New Vice President

Xerox Vice President

As announced earlier this week, Xerox has named a brand-new Vice President and Chief Commercial, SMB and Channels Officer.

In an announcement released by the company on Monday, Xerox have confirmed the appointment of Joanne Collins Smee as Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial, SMB and Channels Officer.

The role, which has been newly created, will see Collins Smee directly report to current Vice Chairman and CEO of Xerox, John Visentin.

Collins Smee had been employed by the organization for two years prior, starting her career with Xerox in September 2018 as Chief Commercial Officer.

During her time with Xerox, she has been at the forefront of developing much of the company’s software and services strategies, with her new role seeing her shift her focus to now leading Xerox Business Solutions – the unit responsible with serving Xerox’s SMB and U.S Channel partners.

Before working for the company, Colins Smee was responsible for leading Technology Transformation Services for the US Federal Government, with a 25-year career at IBM in global executive roles also.

‘A Proven Business Leader and Technologist’

Commenting more on Joanne Collins Smee being named as a new Executive Vice President at the company, Xerox Vice Chairman and CEO, John Vesentin expressed:

“Joanne is a proven business leader and technologist.

Under her leadership, Xerox has made progress growing our software business and introducing a new line of digital services.

To further Xerox’s growth, Joanne and her team will focus on delivering innovative and faster-to-market workplace solutions for small to midsize businesses (SMB) and channel partners.”

Explaining more on how her new role will help to meet the needs of the current market, Collins Smee added:

“We see the fast-growing SMB market and indirect channels as major plays for Xerox.

Customers are seeking new workplace solutions that make their everyday work better.

We’ve invested in new offerings that address these needs, enabling both Xerox and partners to capitalise on this growth opportunity.”

Will a New Xerox Vice President Strengthen the Bid for HP?

One of the questions that may be asked considering this new appointment made by Xerox is whether it could help to strengthen their bid in acquiring the computing giant HP.

Last year, we reported that rumours were circulating that Xerox was looking to reach an acquisition agreement with HP.

This was followed up however, with the first of two big rejections by HP, who claimed that the proposed deal would “significantly undervalue HP” and was “not in the best of interests of HP shareholders”.

Many expected that this would rule out the deal being able to take place, but in the months that have followed, Xerox have been actively pursuing the potential merger, with a second bid being lodged and again rejected by HP, with Xerox’s current financial circumstances being noted as the reasoning behind HP’s dismissal.

More developments in this now ongoing saga have occurred since the start of the year, with Xerox reportedly seeking to replace the HP board that rejected their takeover bids in order to push the deal through, nominating 11 of its personnel that could replace the current team of directors at the company.

Most recently however, it would appear that Xerox have adopted a different tact, raising its original cash-and-stock bid for HP to $24 (approx. £18) per share ahead of a tender offer it is planning to launch early next month, whilst additionally inviting some of HP’s shareholders to a dinner this week in Greenwich, Connecticut, of which Xerox’s CEO, John Visentin is expected to also attend.

So will a new Vice President at the company help to get Xerox’s acquisition plans off the ground?

Only time will tell whilst we continue to keep our eyes on one of the biggest stories in the office supplies industry at present.

Sam Rose