Traditional Stationery Products Demand Surges During Coronavirus Outbreak

The demand to supply traditional stationery products to businesses and home workers has surged upwards due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

With the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic currently forcing many workers to work from home and children to be homeschooled, new statistics and figures circulating via various sources on the internet suggest that it has caused the demand for traditional stationery products to dramatically surge.

Consumers Turn to Office Products Resellers for Stationery Supplies

Whilst retail stationery stores such as Paperchase and WHSmiths have been forced to close their doors and operate a limited online service, office supplies resellers such as VOW Wholesale and online based businesses such as Office Products and Post Office Shop continue to be able to supply stationery items such as pens, pencils, notebooks and other organizational products.

It’s estimated that nearly 1.7 million people in the UK are now working from home, meaning that traditional stationery products and ergonomic accessories have become a priority for workers to acquire in the aim of settling into their regular work routine successfully whilst away from their usual workplace environment.

The delivery of these items has been mainly unaffected by the current COVID-19 situation and is being handled by either in-house services or by the Royal Mail, who say they have experienced a strong increase in demand for their parcel business over the last two weeks as a result of the rising amount of online orders being placed.

The Importance of Having the Right Office Supplies for Homeworking

Whether you are setting up a home office for the first time or are someone who regularly works remotely, having the right stationery and equipment readily available is vital.

The Founders Guide reiterate this in their article The Importance of Office Supplies In Any Work Setting, explaining:

“Freelancing or working from home is now a growing trend in today’s modern society.

More and more companies are moving towards hiring freelancers or deploying their employees to work remotely.

Whatever the situation, office supplies are as equally as important in a remote setting as they are in an office setting.”

They add:

“Remote employees will also need a set of office supplies while working remotely.

Just like in the office, remote employees will need office supplies to get the job done.

Computers, printers, paper and pens are only to name a few office supplies that are needed.

Like freelancers, remote employees should also utilize office supplies such as files and folders to stay organized.”

Sam Rose