5 Common Business Problems Solved with Digital Technology

Jackson Keil explains how several common business issues have now been solved thanks to digital technology in our newest Guest Blog article.

Every business in this world has problems, be it financial problems, service problems or growth problems.

Companies that overcome this problem create better sales and leads, but if you do not update them over time, it makes it difficult for them to survive in the market.

Over time, technology has played a crucial role in ending the common problems of most companies.

There is no doubt that the problem comes with time, but with the fact ‘modern problems require modern solutions’, technology has changed the trend of problems.

In this article, we will discuss some of the cases where the problems with digital technology have been solved.

Common Business Problems Solved by Digital Technology

1. Faster Completion of Tasks

Among many, the best benefit that technology offers is the faster completion of tasks in various areas.

Technology has had a positive impact on completing tasks that previously took days.

But now, due to the speed of technology, these tasks can be completed in a matter of moments.

Here is an example of how technology has changed problem-solving tasks.


There are many areas where process automation has become faster, but one of the best revolutions is the creation of spreadsheet software such as Excel.

Now the image below shows what an account looked like when it was manually written:

Digital Technology Photo 1

While a similar type of account is created in the software:

This shows that technology has accelerated the calculation process and not only that, the styling and sequence have become better than before.

This is just one example, but there is more that show the revolution in technology, which has transformed the manual writing, organizing, and reporting of data into the digital process.

Moreover, the data becomes more secure by storing and organizing it on digital devices.

2. Sighting of Content

The Internet is a great way to discover different kinds of information that has been researched within days or months before.

There was a time when student or employees took days and even months to research in libraries and educational institutions.

This time, the process has just turned into hours and minutes thanks to the search engine like Google, which can find any type of content in seconds.

The technology has also changed the trend of building relationships between the customer and the brand, so chatbots can help the customer speak directly to the brand representative.

This not only speeds up the communication process between the brand and the customer, but also helps the customer to believe more in the brand.

Digital Technology Photo 3

Another example is exploring information about a particular thing.

If a customer wants to search for a brand instead of physically going to a store, the customer will search the information on the Internet within seconds.

3. Favorable Administrative Costs

A few years ago, the administrative costs for a company were very high, and business events require additional costs and time.

Today, most paper processes, including contract signing and invoicing, involve the integration of technology.

In this way, many time-consuming processes can be automated by the technological revolution.

Most schools organize events to explain the results to the parents of the students, but now the trend has changed.

Now, the institutes usually send the registration card via online portals.

Likewise, the paper process of marking attendance is finished with the introduction of an automated digital presence.

Some of the other low-cost business activities resulting from the technological revolution are:

• It speeds up your financial activities as sending payments to another account through electronic banking is much easier and faster than physically going to the bank.

• Apps like Trello and Time Doctor help you keep track of your team and their work to make progress.

• There are some accounting apps, such as QuickBooks, that make your account book available online and usable at any time.

4. Remote Work is Efficient

Recently, the scope of remote work has expanded, especially during the days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The remote control is only possible if you have sophisticated technical equipment, which ensures remote control for a company from any part of the world.

Team Work Photo 4
The remote control has increased due to advances in smartphones, various apps that are integrated with it, high speed Wi-Fi, and improvements in other technology gadgets.

All these revolutions have benefited remote workers.

Not only the remote working: these technologies have also benefitted the students that are studying apart of their university courses.

These technologies do not mean that the cloud works while storage costs fall.

5. Detection of Plagiarism in Published Articles

A few years ago, many publishers were unaware that their content was stolen and published on different sources.

However, they search manually and hire some people to determine whether their content is unique or has been copied by other publishers.

Time has changed, as there are several online plagiarism checkers which can detect plagiarism with percentage in any content, which compares the content with other published content on the Internet, and if they find similarities, it displays the ratio of unique and copied content.

One of the examples of the disadvantage of not having the technology before is the plagiarism in the submission of essays by Martin Luther King.

Martin is one of the famous authors and after obtaining his doctorate from the university, only a few plagiarism contents were discovered in his submission.


We can never regret the impact of technology in our lives because technology plays a crucial role in every aspect of our lives.

From healthcare facilities to our business activities, technology has become compulsory in our lives.

We can say that in today’s world, without technology, it is impossible to work the way we do.

Throughout the world, more than 30% of the students are currently studying technology studies because technology never remains the same – it always gets an update after a specific period.

Sam Rose