Could London Office Workers Be on the Move?

A new research study reveals that London office workers are considering relocating in order to escape the city and work in other places in the country during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The study findings, presented in a recent article from The Independent, determined that 60% of London office workers have begun to evaluate their current working and living situations.

Of the responses gained in the study, it was determined that seaside and rural areas in the UK are proving the most attractive options for those looking to leave the London cityscape.

Most Popular Areas for London Office Workers to Relocate To

Results of the data study were presented by the online lettings agency Mashroom, who asked a number of London office workers where they would choose to relocate and what their reasons for moving would be if given the opportunity.

As a result, they were able to name five locations above others that participants expressed would be their ideal new working environment, which includes:

Brighton and Hove
• Margate
• Tunbridge Wells
• Devon
• Cornwall

With the consensus being that London office workers would have their eye on a move to coastal areas, Mashroom asked those taking part in the survey what their reasoning for moving would be.

31% said they want to be able to “switch off” at the end of each working day more effectively.
35% claim they want to achieve a better work-life balance.
41% want better access to clean air.

Taking top spot in the list, 43% felt a move to the coast would help them achieve a much quieter lifestyle than the one they currently lead.

Some of the other reasons given for London office workers desiring a move outside of the capital city were that it would become easier to start a family (54%) and that they would be able to maintain a more active lifestyle (56%).

In terms of the current housing and property market in London, 40% of those in the survey believe that living in London no longer provides good value for money.

Why London Office Workers Are Reconsidering their Living Conditions

Providing some more insight on the study’s findings on London office workers’ eagerness to swap the hustle and bustle of the city for more idyllic surroundings, Mashroom CEO Stepan Dobrovolskiy comments:

“As employers open up to remote working as the new way of life, millions of renters are reconsidering their living conditions.

It’s no surprise so many are craving an escape to the coast or countryside, as London’s bright lights have dimmed over the past six months as restaurants, bars and entertainment venues have been shut or are operating at a limited capacity.”

He further adds:

“Our research suggests an influx of Londoners to some of the most idyllic spots in the UK, marking an exodus for the capital.

Landlords could be set for a boom in business as more affordable housing makes for a more enjoyable lifestyle.

London landlords will need to ensure value for money to entice renters to stay.”

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