Stationers Hall to Go Under Redevelopment

Regarded as one of London’s most historic and prestigious halls, Stationers Hall is set to undergo redevelopment next month.

The £7.5 million project has officially been given the green light by the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers, with Stationers Hall going under redevelopment work until early 2022.

Stationers Hall, which is located adjacent to St Paul’s Cathedral in London, will undergo several changes during the redevelopment process beginning in November, including an update to its on-site facilities and improvements to public access.

Changes to Be Made to Stationers Hall During Redevelopment

Office Supplies Blog has learned via Channel Info that the redevelopment project has been in the planning stages since 2015 by the Stationers Company.

With the backing of Historic England, the building will feature several improvements and adjustments once work has been completed, including:

A second entrance to the premises.
• The inclusion of a lift to take visitors/staff to the historic Livery Hall and other public access rooms.
• Better air-cooling facilities throughout the building.

These changes amongst others that have been discussed will be welcome inclusions due to the popularity of Stationers Hall, which has regularly hosted formal dinners, debates, forums and other special events.

Bringing the Hall into the 21st Century

Aside from the hospitality aspect that the venue brings, it is regarded as one of London’s most prestigious and historic halls.

It has also been established since 1670 as the heart and soul of the Communications and Content industry, with the hall itself providing a base for sectors such as Paper, Print, Publishing, Stationery and Office Products.

Commenting on the redevelopment project, Master of the Stationers Company, Right Reverend Dr Stephen Platten, expresses:

“This landmark project will transform Stationers’ Hall by making it significantly more accessible, comfortable and safe.

These three benefits will have a major impact on the future of our hall, making it truly fit for purpose in the 21st century.”

More information on the project can be found via the official press release here.

Sam Rose