2021 Stamp Price Increase Announced by Royal Mail

2021 Stamp Price Increase

Image source: mypostshop.com

Royal Mail have announced that a new 2021 stamp price increase will take place next year and will come into effect on the 1st of January.

Via an official statement published on their website and as detailed by the leading seller of stamps on Google – MyPostShop, the Royal Mail have announced that the price of First Class and Second Class Stamps will rise again next year, by 9p and 1p, respectively.

It follows a change in pricing for stamps which was put into place earlier this year and is thought to be a result of ongoing difficulties caused by the current Coronavirus pandemic.

This means that the price of a First Class Stamp will now be 85p rather than 76p, and a Second Class Stamp will cost 66p, rather than the current rate of 65p.

First Class Large is also going to increase, going up by 14p and Second Class Large will also rise by 8p.

As a result, First Class Large will now cost £1.29 instead of £1.15 and Second Class Large will be priced at the new rate of 96p rather than 88p.

In their statement, the company express that they have “considered any pricing changes very carefully” and that the adjustment is needed due to 2020 being a “challenging year” for the business overall.

2021 Stamp Price Increase Necessary to Sustain Universal Service

Nick Landon, Chief Commercial Officer at Royal Mail expressed the company is continuing to place the health and safety of its colleagues and customers as their number one priority and that the new stamp price increase is necessary for the postal service to continue to operate during this year’s highly challenging conditions:

“Like other companies, 2020 have been a challenging year for Royal Mail.

Our people have worked tirelessly to keep the UK connected throughout the pandemic and associated restrictions.

These price increases will help us to continue to deliver and sustain the Universal Service in challenging circumstances.”

Stamp Prices Are Still the Best Value in Europe

Whilst the new stamp price increase is likely to come as a shock to many, Royal Mail’s research on the cost of stamp prices and postage costs across Europe do conclude that Royal Mail’s stamp prices are still amongst the best value in Europe.

Through the study, they found that the average price of a 1st Class Letter (0-100g) within Europe is currently £1.21, meaning that even after the stamp price increase comes into effect on 1st January 2021, postage costs for the UK will still be lower overall.

Purchase Stamps Before the Stamp Price Increase

For businesses across the country, the news of a stamp increase early next year on 1st of January makes now the ideal time to stock up on First Class Stamps and Second Class Stamps before the costs are due to rise from websites such as MyPostShop.

Sam Rose