New Antibacterial Pen Launched by Pentel

Pentel Antibacterial Pen

Image source: Pentel

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, stationery manufacturer Pentel have developed and launched a new antibacterial pen.

As detailed on Channel Info, the new antibacterial pen has been created in a bid to reduce contamination and risks of infection when writing instruments are used and passed from person-to-person.

The pen is aesthetically aligned with Pentel’s other models, along with providing the same levels of quality and performance and has been developed within Pentel’s European factory facilities, located close to Paris in France.

The Superb Antibacterial Pen

Named as Superb Antibacterial, the pen has been certified to ISO 22196 standards for consumer piece of mind and conforms to the EU regulation 528/2012 which relates to the use of biocides on treated articles.

It is able to meet these certifications and regulations due to the Superb Antibacterial pen’s cap and barrel both utilising silver ions which contain antibacterial, biocidal properties.

These can inhibit the growth of any bacteria in order to prevent it further spreading on the surface of the pen, with the silver ion technology also acting to keep bacterial counts as low as possible.

How the Pen Helps Aid Public Hygiene and Stationery Sanitisation

Wendy Vickery, Marketing Manager at Pentel, explains how the new Superb Antibacterial pen can provide an effective solution for better public hygiene and assists those who must sanitise stationery and other equipment in their line of employment.

“Our new Superb Antibacterial ballpoint pen will become a welcome problem-solver in situations where it might otherwise have been advisable to sanitise writing instruments that are likely to be shared among individuals.

It’s ideal for use in a multitude of environments including manufacturing and logistics, healthcare, offices and school, plus restaurants and leisure facilities.”

Vickery adds:

“Awareness of public hygiene has been awakened during this pandemic and we firmly believe that good hygiene practices are here to stay, even after the current crisis recedes.

So, the Superb Antibacterial pen provides a great solution for our customers to offer end-users throughout the country.”

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