Blazer Buddy Revealed by Maped Helix

Stationery manufacturer Maped Helix have unveiled their latest product designed for children and students once a return to schools and universities is deemed safe – the Blazer Buddy.

As featured in a recent article by Craft Business, Maped Helix have revealed the next addition in their line of accessories by unveiling a new stationery case sized specifically to be able to be placed into most inside jacket and blazer pockets.

The product, named ‘Blazer Buddy’, aims to solve the issue of ruined School blazers and jackets due to pen leakages and rips usually caused by large amounts of stationery being packed into inside pockets.

More Details on Maped Helix Blazer Buddy

The Blazer Buddy is a clear, protective case which has been designed and sized specifically to be kept inside of jacket and blazer pockets with no risk of pen leakage or damage to clothes themselves.

On the top of the case, it contains an ease-of-use zip which helps to maintain total accessibility and can hold all the necessary stationery essentials required in classes.

The case also comes supplied with two Oxford black ballpoint pens, two eraser tipped HB pencils, a pencil sharpener and a 15cm ruler as standard.

Blazer Buddy Designed with Teenagers in Mind

Managing Director at Maped Helix, Gray Richmond explains further on the company’s intentions to solve a common issue that both students and parents have experienced when it comes to taking stationery to Schools/Colleges.

“This has been designed with teenagers in mind, from the logo and packaging to the actual Blazer Buddy product.

We totally appreciate that some teenagers don’t want to carry around bags full of equipment, so hopefully this product offers the best of both worlds, where children are more comfortable and parents don’t have to worry about additional costs each term.”

The Blazer Buddy by Maped Helix is due to go to market soon.

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